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Author: Qurp
Date:Jun 8 2000

Lythlandria the he-woman,
comes to bat to fullfill her perverted needs.
This old spinster loves newbies,
attaches them to her web with strong ties.
There she comes again,
crap-comments pouring out of her brain.
Those ideas of hers don't make any sense,
the crap-covering is just too dense.
That chuckle makes shivers run down my spine,
and she also possesses 100% - mastery of whine.
Run as fast as you can,
this queen-spider will devour any man.

Don't bother getting your eq chested,
sooner or later this man will get it dested.
The happy-happy-joy-joy-party gathers,
wasting monsters the mass-killing masters.
Only the 20th kill,
'boy what a thrill'.
The understanding of tune from hell,
what he'll do next, nobody can tell.
The greedy bastard on a run,
the only way to handle his kind is with a gun.

Sly the mighty mage,
with an IQ half of the normal people of his age.
He dies like a bitch,
filling ghost with lines of shit.
The fumblemaster starts casting,
S&M session everlasting.
Soon the party is a goner,
Sly goes 'DOH', a real rl-Homer.
A word to the wise,
avoid the batmud Sly's.

Krzysiek the nobrain,
this man feels no pain.
Getting offed every day,
he must enjoy it, what a gay.
The great whinemaster is online,
already speaking to arches, wasting no time.
Fills their heads with lies,
soon Baltzebub gets zapped and dies.
If you want to speak,
forget Krzysiek, he has a brain-tissue leak.

Aceduck the retarded,
at birth his brain was discarded.
Nobody understands what he says,
his english is a total mess.
If you want spam,
call this man,
he even licks ass,
to avoid a ban.
You'd better ignore him,
he is the braindamage inflicting - king.

Dethwishh the man with big mouth,
if you disagree with him you're a lout.
You'd better not insult him,
or he'll sue you for committing a sin.
Fear the rotten attorneys hate,
back down when it's not too late.
He'd even sue the mud
if he only could.

Wermo the mighty finn
possesses a brain totally dim
The turdbrain on a run
to arches as bright as a sun
Soon your weapons are gone
leaving only your teeth to hone
Wermo got them dested
at this job he can't be bested.

Cantspeak a'la Ioreth (original song by Danzig)

Cantholz, cantlead
Ioreth whines through her teeth
Monsters eat her for a meal

Cantplay, cantsay
if Henry dies 10th time today
No wit
but can echo holz-shit
or arches could tell
that it goes down too well

Cantthink, nolink
went down in an eyeblink
No brain
No gain
here's a life-link for calling her lame

Cantfight, nomight
hiding carefully out of sight
'don't echo you fat pork'
We've killed a monster of that sort

Annoying whine on bat
you thinking 'who the hell is that?'
It's the egoman Steelheart
his opinions as valuable as the wind of my fart

He thinks arches don't know their jobs
when soloing only 1k/min he lets out small sobs
He's such a badass to the newbies of the game
when against greater power he becomes oh so tame
Who gave him that name
for a man of steel he is pretty lame