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Library: Pertty Poems


Author: Dementia
Date:Nov 9 1997

Lyin pon the lily pad; Does he know his life is sad?

Does he know he has no money; Does he know he isn't funny?

Does he know he has no stocks; Does he know he's missing FOX?

No, he doesn't really care; 'Cause it's us who're trully bare.


Mona Mona Mona Lisa, You da Lady.

Mona Mona Mona Lisa, Oh ya Baby!

Mona Mona Mona Lisa, Mmm-hmmm!

Mona Mona Mona Lisa, Biddybiddybimm.


Lying in the well, ne'er to be awoken;

Lying in the spot, where but silence is spoken.

Buried deep, six feet from hell;

Lying there, only in a well.