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Library: Prophecy of the Horsehead mountain


Author: Malitrius
Date:Sep 23 1998

When winter skies are gray and the evil gods are awake
Standing in the ashes of a tortured world
Realizing that it's too late, then the quest is your fate

Through your eyes, their light will burn
For the souls that are imprisoned, justice!
It mutilates, tears, beats and speaks

A swirling poisonous cloud and organs melting
His pain, your thrill...
Solola ancient knowledge for men!

The lady in treetop got the deadly bite
Her magic scattered throughout the sky
the lightning must strike

Created from a pool of darkness
The lord of the ninth circle
A tornado of death and destruction

You christened in blood
The faithless got a surprise
Defender of evil, pay your price

The old screaming father
a halo cold as ice, await the next breath
like ice into heart

A maelstorm of fire deep within the heart
a cruel fire device
Burn lord of the wicked and black!

Love for the one you cannot love
The burning heart, the new soul
The seventh element to repel him
once and for all...