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Library: Purity of two hearts


Author: Willi
Date:Jul 9 2002

They were two kind-hearted servants of the good. Sister Myrier, a newbie  nun
on a task, set by the Nun's guild, to slay Evil Lord Abriel. And well- known
adventurer, Sir William, respected Knight of the temple, chosen of  Faerwon.

They finally got to the most unholy chamber where Lord Abriel lay in his 

-'When I push the cover off, dispel it right away' reminded Sir William. 
-'Yes, yes' nodded Sister Myrier eagerly.

Sir William pushed swiftly the cover for coffin off and took one step back, 
rising his shield up. Sister Myrier released her spell, holy bolt, and the 
white whirling energy blasted right at the chest of undead Lord Abriel.  Holy
bolt bounced off and crashed at the coffin, breaking it completily. 
Unfortunately, Lord Abriel had given unholy resistance againts all magical 

-'Good heavens, things were going too good anyhow' grumbled Sir  William
between mighty strokes with his templar mace. -'By Abigails petticoat, we are
in big trouble!' screamed Sister Myrier  suddenly. -'What do you mean?' asked
Sir William and glanced hurriedly over his  shoulder. -'This last pouch is
filled with empty vials! I can't cleanse that evil  minion!' sobbed Sister
Myrier. -'Aww, this is the last time I will ever help a newbie nun!' Sir
William  blurted out, 'Ever!'.

Evil Lord Abriel watched the quarreling with plain pleasure. Blows from  Sir
William's mace rebounded off from his glowing vest doing no harm  what so
ever. He wryly casted the spell of imprisonment.

-'Just in case you were about to leave' he boomed with unholy, undead  voice.
'I guess you are right, Sir high knight of temples, This is your last  task.
And and yours too, dear Sister Myrier'

The two children of light, templar and nun, moved closer to each other. Sir 
William guarded his partymember, firm expression on his face. Sister  Myrier
held her wooden cross, squeezing it with white knuckles.

-'Now, kill us already, you evil beast!' roared Sir William. -'Who was talking
about killing? I have something else in mind, more  horrible for you, yet
pleasant for me to watch.' snickered Lord Abriel.

Evil Undead Lord began to chant. Unholy candles started to flicker.  Magical
wind whistled and ground trembled. Something bad was going to  happen.
Suddenly Sir Williams face turned to white.

-'You son of the devil! You can't do this to us!' he screamed. -'I think I
can.' replied Lord Abriel. -'What is happening! I feel so cold!' cried Sister
Myrier. -'He is turning us to undeads. This is so wrong!' raged Sir William.
-'Isn't it ironic, don't you think?' smiled Lord Abriel.

Lord Abriel finished his chant. Black light engulfed the two adventurer and 
suddenly it was all quiet. The black mist cleared and there they were, two 
new powerful undead monsters.

Sir William was now a horrible sight. Handsome young man, except for  glowing
red eyes. Even his equipment were changed. Wielded in right  hand there was
red mace, glowing with black light. And in his left hand,  shiny shield with
black rose in the centre.

And what happened to Sister Myrier then. So young, beautiful and  innocent she
was and now turned to a undead monster. Tears frozen  around her eyes and
blonde long hair waving in unreal wind. Unholy and   twisted cross in her
right hand and a pouch with empty vials in her left  hand.

You can still find them from the basement of the church in the town of 
Brimshire. But beware!