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Library: Quest tips, hints, and comments


Author: Squire
Date:Mar 4 1999


Hello. I am writing this book for those of you who need help with quests. Do
not expect this to give you complete walk-throughs to any but the simplest
quests. Instead, this book is intended to help you solve some of the more
difficult quests, or point you in the right direction if you become confused.
I will only deal with the quests that I personally solved, so do not expect
every quest to be in here. Since so far I have done only 20 quests, that's all
the book will contain. I might add more quests later, but that is not a
guarantee. Finally, if you found any of these helpful, a small contribution
will always be appreciated. Good luck.


**Quest room, City tour**

Hmm, I don't know what to say. If you need help with these, I pity you.


The best help for this is probably asking for directions on newbie. If noone
wishes to help you, use the map of teh city.

**View artwork**

This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you looked at every picture but still
didn't get the quest, you probably typoed an author or something.

**Kobold staff**

This is the first quest that requires a bit more than visiting a place. It's
in an area that's a bit south-southwest of digga's. If you can't find the
place, use the map on Dryad's page( to help you Mary
needs some root to finish the potion. Once you have the potion, you need to
kill the kobold chief. He's in a crack, but you're to big to enter. Is there
anything that'd make you smaller?

**Explore 10**

At this moment you need to visit about 1100 rooms to get this quest. This will
change as areas are added and removed. I suggest exploring bc, newbie mines,
newbie mountain, and any other large newbie area you can find. If you don't
get the quest by the time you reach level 10, just explore 10% anyway and when
you reinc just show up in the quest room.

**Black Butterfly**

The quest is in newbie mines. Find five butterflies of different colours and
kill them. Give the droplets to the black one.

**Rob Vault**

The quest is in newbie mines. To get to the vault, you'll have to get past a
few blockers. A party of 4 or 5 players, levels 14-16 shouldn't have much
trouble with that.  Once you found the vault, kill the guardian and quest is
done. Be careful: he blocks the only way out so you have to do it in one try,
or risk dying(it's worth about 2k exp).


The ranger wants you to kill Yogi and give him its head.


Utah Johnny has the key that will let you unlock the door to Billy. Looking at
the key will give you a hint to Billy's location.

**Sewer ring**

There is another book in the library that explains how to navigate the sewers.

**Rules 101**

The quest is simple: do what it says! Start with the first file, and read them
all(not skim, read! there's valuable info there!) When you're reading the help
files, it says what file to read after reading the current one. Read them in
that order, and it'll be simpler. If you read them all, and didn't get the
quest, make sure when reading help HELP, the second help is in all caps.


For hints, see Quest room and City tour.


One of my favourite quests! Did you really think that I'd give you hints for
this one and spoil the fun? Try to do this on your own. If you really get
stuck, invite me to your party, and I'll help you. :)


There are several ways to do this. A partner looking for the gong in bc will
help a lot. A map of the outerworld also helps. If you have no clue where you
are, head northwest.

**Shrine search**

All the shrines are on the map. If you don't get the quest, you probably
missed a shrine.

**Help the Baron**

The baron needs something to cover the safe(a painting, perhaps?) Yves can
paint, but he needs a subject and some food. The subject is in the gardener's
room. Henri can make you some soup, but he needs a vital ingredient. The troll
has it, but he's not just giving it away. He wants some meat(a pigeon will do
nicely). Now, where could one find a pigeon???


When you find the god of the vulcano, say yes to get the scroll. Keep in mind
that you can use the pegasus only once.

**Sacrifice Staff**

To finish this quest, go kill lord Elena in Revelstone.  Then go to foul's
creche. After you figure out how to open and close the gate and fix the
elevator, go kill the urvile loremaster. (He's on level 3) Go to the altar,
type 'sacrifice staff of law' and the quest is done!

**Enchanted Cloak**

Look at every room. Look at everything. If it suggest you do it, do it. If it
says don't do it, do it anyways. Oh, and you can forget the avoid the killing

**Zonni Statue**

This quest can be done only after the zonni statue event was run. Make the
statue and kill it.


Try exploring in the well. The skeleton king wants the gem.


There is a chandelier in Cruella's bedroom that opens a secret passage.
Cruella has the key to get to Clark, who has the card to destroy the machine.
Kill Cruella and Clark, get the card, insert it into the slot and the quest is

**Holy Grail**

See hints for Amulet of Legolas.


**Amulet of Legolas**

Go to shadowkeep, and explore it real well, especially the library.  the
anient documents should prove rather helpful.


Talk to the scout leader. The secret room has something to do with a knothole.
Also, see how far you can jump from the swing(wait until it's hanging).



You need to blacksmith an item worth 2k+. Use really cheap armours, and be
patient. The result of blacksmithing are random. It can take 1 try, or 1000

**Alloy Gold**

Use skill alloying on two metals and create gold.(hint: gold+gold doesn't
work) Lythlandria wrote a book that contains the answer to this quest.

  **THE END** 

This is the end of the book so far. I will continue adding more quests as I
solve them, but if noone uses this book, I won't bother. How do I know if this
book was helpful? Give me a tell or a contribution. Good luck with your