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Library: Ravensflyte


Author: Braik
Date:Apr 28 1998

Ravensflyte was founded on 3 principals.
1.  No player killing
2.  No castle robbing.
3.  No stealing.
Over the years Ravensflyte has evolved so that these rules have been
overlooked.  Its hard to tell a friend "hey budd, yur breakin our golden i gott kick you out?".  And so the rules have been allowed to slip.
  Recently however, some old Ravens have been telling me how they dont like
what Ravensflyte has turned into (a chat channel) and want to see reform.  And
i agree.  Its time that things were put back to the way they were.   Last
night there was a discussion about what to do.  It was agreed that Ravensflyte
shouldn't be passive.  Its one thing to say "I dont pkill, I dont castle rob."
and its quite another But there are certain people  who cross the line.  
 are two options available.  First you can get your surname wiped and changed
to "Ravensflyte".  The second option if you are strongly oposed to this is to
have your title "Ravensflyte".    Id like people to seriously consider option
1, but option 2 is acceptable.  If you cant aford the surname wipe, let me
know  and i'll happily pay it for you.
  A lot of members are unhappy with how Ravensflyte members have begun to
drift apart.  I think that some members wont like the new Ravensflyte, and im
going to ask them to leave.   I dont like to do but i think its necessary for
Ravensflyte to become closer.  One reason i think ravensflyte was so close was
because we were devoted to the same cause.   When the conversion takes place,
there might be less of us...which in a way is good..because too many members
makes it harder to be close-knit.  However, i want all members to make a
commitment to start  working together.  Its been too long since we had
"SuperParties"...I dont suggest going back to those days...but i do want
people to start making an effort to party with each other.
If you dont like the things ive said, than maybe its time for you to leave
Ravensflyte.  I dont like to say it but its how me and a lot of people feel. 
BatMUD isn't just about accumulating exp to me ...If it was just about exp i'd
have left a long time ago.  This is going to be hard to do.  Its not easy to
say "sorry i cant join your soth party because playerX is there"...

I guess ive said my peace.  Lets see where this takes us.