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Library: recognizing harmful orgonizations


Author: Lum
Date:Mar 7 1998

1) Language.  Look for a redefining of key survivalist terms -- die, eat,
sleep, live, work, house, shelter, etc.  Also, general redefinitions of
positive and negative words to give a hint of a philosophical bent.  

Often times, terms like "kill/murder (and enemy)" are normalized to make them
sound more commonplace and acceptable.  For instance, a passage from a
newsletter might read "Primary terrorist Bill Clinton, and his team of
criminal advisors, are in need of being processed."

2) Sustained but short periods of often frenzied activity, followed by
prolonged periods of inactivity.

The network is constantly involved with using "front orgonizations" in order
to conceal its bad name.  Such orgonizations will often become "active" and
remain so for a short period, become known as a network orgonization, and then
be disbanded or become inactive for a long period.  

3) Lack of balance in expenditures.  The orginzation produces a great deal but
spends little, or produces little but spends a great deal of income.  

Since most network orgonizations are fronts, they either receive or provide
funding from/to the network.

44) Invisible, isolated leadership.  Leadership isolated from the world and

Due to recent trends, network leaders are guarded heavily from anything that
is perceived to be a threat to stability, conformity, and exclusivity.

5) Orders are few and often extraneous, but compliance is absolutely