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Author: Utena
Date:Sep 12 1998

*** 001 001 001 001 001 001 001 001 001 001 ***

0) My worst fear in relation to BAT is:  (d) Being accidentally 
removed, (e) Boot, (a) Wizards in general, (c) Downgrades

1) When not logged on, I think about BAT: (a) Never, (b) Less than
once a week, (c) Less than once a day, (d) At least once a day.

2) When I finish a session on BAT, I am unhappy if I have not
accomplished something:  (a) No, (d) Yes

3) ___, I have tried to cut back on the amount I used BAT: (a) Never,
(b) Once, (c) More than once, (d) More times than I can remember.

4) When BAT is down, or when I cannot use it for a prolonged period
of time, I feel:  (a) No change, (b) slightly jumpy, (c) rather
annoyable and short-tempered, (d) restless, moody, irritable, or

5) My average BAT playing sessions are:  (a) shorter than intended,
(b) about as long as intended, (c) longer than intended, (d) longer
than anyone else I know.

6) I have risked or lost a significant relationship, job, or
opportunity because of bat:  (a) never, (b) only once, (c) more
than once, (d) too many times.

7) I have lied to people about playing BAT:  (a) never, (b) only when
I have to, (c) most of the time, (d) all the time I'm asked.

8) I use BAT to stop feelings of helplessness, guilt, overanxiety, 
or boredom:  (a) Never, (b) Occasinally, but mostly I'll try something
else, (c) About half the time, (d) almost all the time.

9) My favorite Archwizard is:  (e) Quadra, (f) Amarth, (g) Blitzer,
(a) Zonni, (h) Anipa