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Library: Revenge is sweeter than defeat.


Author: Grimpold
Date:Sep 15 2002

"Shit that hurts!" yelled a man when he woke in pain. He had a terrible
headache. His head hurt, 'No it wasn't dream' he thought. It was raining. It
had been raining for two weeks now. For some reason that nobody knew. The
floods were getting worse all the time. People were in panic, they had started
to move out. Leaving their homes and jobs behind, to become refugees. 'What
should i do' though man as he descended stairs. His inn was in little higher
than normal houses but water would reach it in time. He had some food storaged
in his upper room so he could take it with him, if he would leave, when he
would have to leave. Almost all the people had left already.

Couple days later the village was empty, except the lonely man from inn. He
had started to make leaving arrangement, packing his backpack, making craft of
the wood, gathered from walls and floors. When he went out he noticed some
water creatures crawling toward the village, probably planning to plunder the
village. He was nearly ready to leave but then he remembered the old sword
from time when he was in army. Thought it was bit rusty he decided to take it
with him, for some security. With his packs on craft he started his way
downwards the river. While travelling on river he noticed half eaten bodies of
humans, rotting in river, totally swollen. First bodies made him puke, but now
he was numb for it. He started to wonder if he could use the sword as good as
the time when he was young.

Few days went by as he floated on river. There weren't bodies anymore. Maybe
those had been eaten who knows? The landscape was getting bit higher. People
in here were used to flood cause there were high riverbanks. He decided to
stop and look around. He was really cautious cause he was stranger in here. He
was almost like gypsy, he knew, he had seen this before, he was refugee.
Nobody would like him, people would suspect him for anything. They would
probably throw some food to him so he would stay out from their villages. It
made him angry, he did remember what it was like to be a soldier and see those
refugees. They were less than animals, cause you could eat animals after you
had killed them, you shouldn't eat human or gods would be displeased. But
there always was people like him who knew what it was like to be refugee and
those people would help him and people like him.

After two weeks since he had left his home, he had yet found anyone alive.
'What has happened?' was the question in his mind. Couple abandoned villages
he had seen, but there was no trace of flood, war or plague. Just empty
villages, just like the hand of god would have come down from skies and took
all people away, leaving their things behind. That was one of the best things
that had happened to him, after the flood. He found a bow and arrows so he
could start hunting food, atleast there were animals around. He found a diary
from one house. The diary was placed in the middle of dining table and it was
under the bowl so animals couldn't get to it. In the diary there was some
markings from past weeks. First thing that told what had happened was markings
of unnatural lightning, there weren't any clouds in sky but still it was
flashing. 'I think i should remember something' thought man as he read on.
Last words were probably the last living person in this little town. Those
words says that somehow everyone else had disappeared, that they couldn't
leave the village cause of some invisible barrier and that something was
eating their people one by one. It didn't leave any trace what happened to
them. Last writers last lines just told that he tries to save the book and
starts to wait that something would happen to him too. And then man wrote his
own story after the markings.

'It sounds that something really did defeat them. Something that wasn't from
this world.' Man thought as he stepped out of the house. He did look around
and found some salted meat and beer. The next morning he didn't have even a
hangover, he ate bit more meat and drank some beer. Something in his mind said
that village wasn't the same as it was before, somehow he couldn't tell what
was wrong, but something was. Chill creaped in his spine as he started to
thing of the diary. Was that thing came back that had took all the villagers.
Now he remember, when he had been soldier they had encountered the same kind
of thing. It had took most of their men but then their mage had realized what
to do so they would capture it. But the mage had said it was only thing of
kind. So how that thing could be free again. He started to run but at the edge
of the village he bumbed in the barrier. And then he started to panic. Then he
heard laugh, evil laugh, it started to ring inside his head. He heard thing
inside his head shouting 'MUAH! Did you think you could capture me? First i
killed the mage and now i will hunt everyone of you!' There was blurring thing
in the corner of his eye. 'So you can see me? No you don't, your eyes can't
comprehend me. But to you to know, you are the last one.' Man swept, he
collapsed. 'I didn't want to, you made us, you didn't give us any choice.' he
cried out. 'HAHAHAHA, to you to know, when you were in your village you were
behind my power, but flood helped me. Now your soul will be mine forever, like
the souls from this village. Try to run away, you can't but i will enjoy.' And
the man ran, he ran in the house and wrote fastly what causees this and only
hoped that someday someone would come and help people of this village and

After he had wrote he came out of house and yelled 'Come here, i'm waiting
you.' He realized that he couldn't move and then he noticed a burning diary
came infront of him. 'Nobody will know!' shouted voice inside his head. And
then man screamed. The sight of his eyes started to fade away.