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Library: Secret of the Sewers


Author: Amoz
Date:Oct 5 1999

Many people have trouble navigating in the sewers:  This is understandable
seeing as how it's 4-dimensional and all. I will now try to explain a simple
yet highly effective and efficient method of navigating the sewers.

Let's imagine that you are in a room with exits (e,w,n,s,u,forward).   So you
go east and the exits there are (e,w,n).. what I would do is then go north..
the reason for this is because I came from west.. now let's say you went north
and the only exit was south (yawn).. so you go south and are back in the
(e,w,n) room.   Now you've come from north and on the list of exits (e,w,n),
east is the next direction.. so you go east.. let's pretend it only had exit
west.. so you go back west and are once again in (e,w,n).. you came from
east.. and the exit on the list after east is west.. so you go west.. which
brings you back to the (e,w,n,s,u,forward) room.. once again you came from
east.. and the  next exit on the list is west.. so you go west.  Using this
system of choosing where you are going to go by looking at where you came
from, and using the next exit on the exit list will allow you to explore the
entire sewers.. if you use this system correctly, you will not miss
any rooms in the sewers allowing you to find all the pieces and the forge
quickly and easily no matter how large the sewers are. Thank you.. hope that
wasn't too complicated :).. hasta

I should have mentioned, you'll need paper, coal, magic copper, mould and
forge to make the ring.  Put coal in forge    Light Forge   Put Mould in Forge
 Put Copper in Mould    after forge cools   Take Ring.