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Library: Shorian the tale-teller


Author: Shay
Date:Jan 20 2003

Once upon time, there was an elf, Shorian his name. He used to wander in
woods, that's where he lived too. He loved singing, and often he went off to
woods for days, just to sing about nothing and everything. Sing about life,
dreams, ancient elven lords

But he was better than a usual harp-whacker. Actually he was something unique.
Shorian was so good that he could make the happiest sprites cry, darkest drows
laugh in happiness and slowest ents spring as young pixies. But some of the
powers he possessed, he didn't even know about He could also make even the
most good ones fall into darkness, go astray...But some of the powers he
possessed, he didn't even know about He could also make even the most good
ones fall into darkness, go astray...
It was a typical (read beautiful) day in the woods of Elanthôr. Shorin was
sitting on a rock playing his harp made of mahogany. He had been away from
home for some time, but after all, wilds was his second home. He started
thinking: "What if I'm wasting my talent playing for the trees. I know I'm
good, I could make a fortune within humans". He changed the tune and
continued: "Elders say humans are not to be trusted, they lust for material
things, they lust for their own success Well that makes me one of them then
But I'm not a human, I'm an elf, and elves are smarter, I could use them!"
Shorin got preoccupied and became absorbed in these thoughts. He played until
the sun went down in the horizon.
Two weeks he played and thought, played and thought. Then he decided, he shall
be the masterbard, the one known by everyone, famous within all folks. And
most of all, rich! Richer than anyone, richer than the valar! That is what he
became obsessed in.
He left the Elanthôr, began his journey through the plains of Malgharit. His
heart was in fire and every night he composed a song about what he had
experienced each day. After one month of travelling, he had the honor of
facing the great Mount Frustration. It was the landmark that separated the
elves and the humans. Without a few exceptions the elves had nothing to do
with the surfacial humans and humans hated elves for that. He camped for the
night, and in the morning, the climbing would begin.
The morning came, Shorian collected his belongings and started climbing. As an
elf, it wasn't very hard for him. He conquered the mountain in a day. He
looked down and the view was overwhelming. He looked back and he saw the lands
of Elanthôr, shining green and beautiful, but "no", he said, "no, Shorian,
time to go on". And so he went on, he entered the lands of man. The land
called Entrefora.
He travelled two days and he entered the first village. He wasn't amazed. He
just wondered how humans lack in the use of their mind. The village was very
plain. Nothing special. But he didn't care. He was there to begin his career
as Shorian the elven bard. It sounded a bit too familiar in his ears, he had
been a bard for his whole life but with no bigger respect. People on the
streets stared at him, after all, they don't see an elf everyday. They dislike
elves, for their "arrogance". Shorian found an inn and stayed the night there.
Next morning he woke up early and went on the streets with his harp. He found
the market place and he started playing and singing. People began to gather
around him listening to music, the most beautiful music they had ever heard.
Shorian played the whole day, he had captured the interest of the whole
village. In the evening, he stopped playing and people became angry, they
wanted more! But Shorian kept his mind and grinned. He said he'll be back next
Shorian counted his money. He was surprised: He had earned 2534 brillintis
(more than many humans monthly wage). Shorian couldn't sleep, he woke the
whole night and as he went to market place next morning, he found the
villagers ready for the second day of ultimate music. 
So he played for the next two weeks. As everyone was listening and paying to
Shorian, the village was going down, no-one was working, no-one had food to
eat anymore, but people didn't care about that. All they cared about was
Shorian's music. As they stopped paying the taxes, the king of humans,
Grathranis, became very angry. He shouted to his adjutants and decided to
visit the village by his majestical self (and ten thousand warriors of his).
Meanwhile in the village, Shorian ended the playing of that day. He was
hilarious. He went to his inn-room and counted the money. It was more than he
had had any other day! His mental state was so ecstatic, boosted by greed,
that he composed a song. And that song was the song of greed, song that
changed the future of man. He named the song as "Song of Happiness". He
thought it was a happy thing to happen.
After a month spent in humans village, he thought it's the time to go forward,
deeper into Entrefora. But he decided to play one more day. He went on to
market place like usually and hailed his admirers. He saw that there wasn't
many people, and the ones who had come to market place, were thin and poor,
they had nothing more to give. Shorian asked: "Where's the rest of the
village?" and one of the villagers answered: "Over half of the villagers have
died, most in hunger, some in diseases. We have no more money, all has been
given to you" Shorian had lost his elfish skill of empathy. He didn't care.
All he cared was the money that was no longer given to him. He frustrated. He
decided, that this was the last day he played. 
Shorian played for hours and then he was interrupted by great noise. Noise of
marching warriors! He stopped playing as he saw a big group of warriors coming
with their horses and shiny armours. As they came closer, he saw a king in
front of the warriors. He sat and wait, maybe some money was coming to him. 
He stood up as the king arrived. The villagers kneeled before him. King was
furious: "I want to meet the one who has interrupted the tax-paying of the
city!" Shorian kept silent, but the same villager that talked to him, talked
to the king now: "Your majestite! We have been lured by that elf! We cannot
help it! Most of us are dead because all money has been given to him!" Shorian
tried to hide as the villager pointed at him." King shouted: "Elf! What is an
elf doing in MY kingdom!" Shorian answered: "I'm here only to entertain..."
Villager interrupted: "To entertain! No, you lure us, your songs are spells
that you tie us into!" King said: "What songs? What are those songs you tell
me about!" Shorian answered: "I can play for you, sir, if you like." King
said: "Well, I don't believe that such spells affect me. Play for me, elf!"
Shorian thought in his mind: "I guess this is right time for "Song of
Happiness". After all, it is the best song of mine, ever." So Shorian started
playing. King fell into the spell at that moment. His eyes glazed. Shorian
kept on playing but the thoughts of ultimate greed started to well forth in
his mind. Same thing happened in king's mind. Notes just flew over the
village, flew over the ten thousand warriors of  Entrefora. All of them fell
deep into greediness. After the song, Shorian understood it all. He understood
that he had fallen on the wrong side. But humans didn't. They had fallen on
the side of their own. They were now impregnated by ultimate greed. Greed that
could never been stopped anyhow. So died a village, and another. So died
Entrefora and other nations of human and after the Great Havoc mankind had
died, and supporting predictions it was done by greed but against predictions,
it was not done by humans themselves, it was done by an elf.