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Library: signs of playership


Author: Utena
Date:Jan 26 1999

How much of a true "hardcore" player are you?  This book helps you rate

Have your sleeping habits changed?

Have your friends lost intrest in you, or have you lost intrest in them?

Do you often neglect personal hygiene?

Do you feel indifferent about life or find it hard to talk with others about
your life?

Do you feel other people exist and talk to you just to irritate and perturb

Do you find yourself more comfortable on BAT for:  Talking, conversing, or
debating with people?  Discussing life issues?  Planning events or social

Do you like the people you meet and know on BAT more than the people you meet
or know in life?

Do you feel you get better at playing BAT daily?

Do you play on a regular basis?

Do your playing sessions go on longer than planned?

Do you feel bad if, at the end of a play session, you haven't accomplished
anything for your character?

Do you think boots on BAT are too long?

When BAT goes down, do you think about BAT even more than when it's up?

Have you gone to a social meet that is BAT-exclusive?

Do you dream about BAT?

Do you plan your playing sessions beforehand?  Include them in your daily

Do you play on a regular basis?

When you do poorly on BAT, or something goes wrong involving your character on
BAT, is it your fault?

Have you tried to quit BAT in the past?