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Library: Silly Newbie Bard


Author: Strikerbum
Date:Dec 24 2002

Once the peaceful land of Batmud there lived a young bard.  He wanted to
become the most powerful bard in all the land.  He journied throughout the
land in search of Songmasters, he performed a solo performance, and also with
the help of 2 friends put on a play.  All these tasks he did with class and
promptness.  He felt as if he could be as great as the most powerful bards of
them all such as Qurp and Laaban.  He traveled throughout the land in search
of himself, until one day....

The task at hand was for him to write a story. And why not!? What bard cannot
tell a hearty tale!?  He spent sleepless nights searching for the spark that
would ignite his imagination and help him to conjure up a story of
unbelievable magnitude.  The nights passes and the wheels in his head kept
turning, but alas the block in his head was too great. It was then that this
young bard resorted to a dispicable level.  He searched all about his home for
stories that he could pass off as his own, but still none could be found.  He
found himself at his wits end and ready to retire from his bardship and take
up a new task.  But, from out the blue a so-called friend of his presented him
with a story claimed to be written by himself.  The young bard was reluctant
at first, but his desire to become great was too much for him. He gave in and
took the story from his friend.  This would turn out to be the worst mistake
he could have made.  A few days later it came time for him to present his
story to his Loremaster, feeling good about his chancing of proceeding to
greatness he forked over the story without any qualms. The Loremaster looked
over his story and proceeded to give the young bard and give him a stern look.
'Did you write this yourself?' He asked.
'Yes sir, of course i did.' the young bard replied. The Loremaster gave him a
stone cold look at said to him, 'This story was not written by you, it was
written by a famous author. You should be ashamed of your actions!' The young
bard overwhelmed by this astonishment ran off away from the bardship ashamed,
and was never seen again.  To this day all bards think of this silly one and
are reminded.... Do all your tasks yourself it isn't worth the risk.

                           The End

                                    Written By:                               
                Strikerbum Bum