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Library: Skill Advancement


Author: Chaste
Date:Dec 1 2001

Here are a few tips for newbies on training skills at your guild:

* You need to be level 16 to join a guild.

* First train all available skills to 1% and then spend the rest of your exp.
Skills trained to at least 1% (at a guild) will grow better with use.

* Spells (and special skills, known as 'masteries') DO NOT grow better with

* Bonus skills (from your background) also will not improve with use. Train
them up by at least 1% at guild, if available.

* If you are planning on adding a second guild later on, you may want to join
that guild at 1st level soon, and train those skills to 1% as well, so they
will grow better over time.

* If you reinc (reincarnate) often, your skills will not get much of a chance
to improve by themselves.