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Library: Skill Costs


Author: Grimsh
Date:Nov 13 1997

I've done a study about skill costs for tank races here at BATMUD.
It first begun when I was a cyclop and then reinced to ogre and I
found out that everything was much cheaper. I DID know that skill
costs were different from race to race, but I didn't know that
it was this big difference. However I started collencting info and now 
I've got a complete skill cost table for almost every tank race.
Here is is:

Race           Att 70% (100%)   Rate
Human           218398          1.00
Minotaur        196525          0.90
Cyclops         240206          1.10
Giant           185606          0.85
Dwarf           163755          0.75
Gnoll           240204          1.10
Wolfman         196525          0.90
Orc             196525          0.90
Ogre            174690          0.80
Draconian       185606          0.85

Thses figures are correct as of 12/11 1997, but like everything else they
will change. I'll try to update them from time to time.

 -*- Grimsh -*