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Library: acquisition report 1


Author: Ran
Date:Aug 12 1997

Recently acquired during a reclamation operation.

Intro:  Mostly, operations are non-productive in producing interesting
meteriel.  However, this one was sucessful in demonstrating the no-life-ness
of the security organization (US) "National Security Agency", paraphrased

Items:  The relevant items reclaimed many, many hours worth of video tapes,
with about three hours estimated to be interesting (there's a lot of garbage
on these tapes also).  Also, two standard-size boxes filled with envelopes of
both black-and-white and colour pictures were recovered.  A good deal of these
pictures are interesting.  

Background:  This orgonization, among the many things it does, one is to
"monitor" what it refers to as "extra-terrestial" life.  This is largely based
on a paranoid way of thinking thought up by higher-ups with no life and
nothing better to do with their time.  As a whole, the whole of fundementalist
christians are more dangerous than all the "extra-terrestial"-s on this world,
so if this agency really care about "national security" it should start
monitoring them.  And even that would be a waste of time and resources.

Pre-80's monitoring was done mostly by photograph.  During the Reagan years,
the agency began to use spy satalites designed for military reconassiance to
watch us (hence the videos).  If I'd known I was being watched back then, I
would have tried to smile more.  But now this is proof, so please, everybody
try to smile more.

Most interesting stuff first.

Tapes:  The operator of the satalite must have been a total pervert, in
addition to a "no-lifer" .  It is unclear, but widely believed he is also an
avid player of "zombie-MUD".  For this reason, most of the tapes are of human
girls at beaches with little to no clothes on.  This perverted behavior is
typical for humans, and alone does not deem the operator as abnormal.

These tapes have no sound, and the image quality comes and goes, sometimes
it's good quality and other times it's quite bad, you can't make out anything.

The tapes stop slightly after Reagan was replaced by Bush.  I suppose that
only the former president was dumb enough to be convinced to do something like

The first thing of note is me at a track meet.  Some socializing afterwards,
and finally I jump up in a tree to talk with my friend.  But as we reminisce
about the past, I remember how she stole my boyfriend back then and have a
yelling and staring fight as I get angry.  I had no idea I look so "demonic"
when I get angry.  After we make up (for the time being), you might ask what
was all that running around and people hitting/pushing each other that
followed.  I had to kiss her boyfriend so I can drain his energy, that was me
trying to get close enough to kiss him.  Unfortunately failed, though I got
close twice.

The next one is during a festival I remember.  I try to talk with her
boyfriend again, but she gets mad at him and stuns him, then turns and talks
to me.  We take a walk.  She's very upset, I say I never was going to do
anything and start crying.  So she gives in.  Then I remind her of how she
stole my fiance when we were little.  And some guys try to ask both of us out,
we tell them to piss off.  Next, I pose as a fortune teller to try to kiss her
boyfriend, but she discovers, hurts him again, and tries to chase me down as I
flee the chaos.  Even though she can fly, she doesn't catch me.  She chases me
through a maze and a few other places.  In the end, she finally finds me but
has to make up, too tired out to fight.

Next, there is a play/production done in front of a live audience.  It's a
love story between her and her boyfriend, but I am one of characters too. 
Going against the script, I try to kiss her boyfriend, but each time she
pummels him or somehow yanks him away/etc. that I can't.  She's so mean.

There's a short one where you see her and her boyfriend going into my ship,
and back out.  The operator seems more interested in the ship than us.  Oh

Finally, there's a bunch of boring stuff which shows us going in and out of
numerous places, like schools or ships or such.  They aren't very interesting

Pictures:  These are mostly color, few black-and-white.  A good amount of them
are of people using their abilities, and of toys or devices.  Few are as
interesting as the videos.  In all the ones of me, I'm either mad or upset,
they're not very interesting.  

This book was written by Ran.