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Author: Pirotessa
Date:Jan 9 1997

More than a few people asked me How do you do this? so I wrote it down so
anyone who wants to read it can. Of course, I am not responsible for you, your
kids, or your pets, or property, or anything else that you might seriously
mess up, your mental well-being or the psyche of those around your, your
reputation, and the like if you try this.  ---
On a winter night when the moon is exactly half full, collect the petals of a
Sakura tree in a dish.  Do not allow the petals to touch the ground.  Place
the dish with the petals on the ground and give them some time to bathe in the
moonlight.  Preferably a few hours. Before the sun comes out, collect the
petals and place them into a container.

Mix the petals, in the container, with water and honey.  The mixture should be
like water, not viscious.  Add enough water (and not too much honey) to get it
like this.  Then mix completely in a blender, or with a cake-mixer, until
there are no more petals, it should become a clear liquid.

Pour the liquid into a cup.  Sneak into that person's room at night, and
silently find some bare skin on their body.  Write the kanji for your name
there using the liquid.  Don't wake them (this is hard).  Whisper the
following charm:
kono hiroi uchuu wa tamaranaku fushigi ne
detaramena jiiken ga atarimae no you ni okiru
soredemo odoroitarishite wa ikenai
ochitsuite hanashiaimashou

(This world is really wierd
nothing ever makes sense
but hey-
stay calm, listen to me!)

anata wa itsu demo kyorrokyorro
yosomi wo suru no wa yameteyo
atashi ga dare yori ichiban

(don't look away
stop ignoring me
Of all people, I love you most)

oshitachi ga kagayaku yofuke
yumemiruno anatano subete
aishitemo anata wa shiranpuri de
imagoro wa dare ka ni muchu

(when I sleep at night
your the only person I can think of
but you pretend like that doesn't matter
like you have someone else)

aa-achikochi ni baramaite
atashio nayamaseru da cha

(Your being so ???
I get upset)

If you're a guy, you'll have to make up your own charm, sorrey.

Place your hands over their eyes and put some of the liquid on their forehead
(just a little). Finally, clap your hands above their face, and quickly
leave, before you are noticed.  This will not work if you are consciously
noticed by the person at any part of it.