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Library: Spell Incantation Index by Incantation


Author: Yari
Date:Feb 5 1996

Spell Incantation Index, listed by spell name.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  -  money is power
$%&@ #*%@*@# $&*@#  -  see invisible
..... .... ... .. .  .!  -  invisibility
"..a few steps to earthen might,"  -  Venturers way
AC/DC  -  Major electrical resistance 
AeaH*h***Gdg  -  Con fioco
ahne paskianen olen ma kun ...  -  See magic
ala tule paha kakku tuke hyva kakku  -  clairvoyance
anal natrach zbzawaacc  -  Banish demons
"Andros, I implore you for guidance"  -  Prophecy
annihilar hzzz golum  -  detect alignment
aQQQssnana***suka??am!a  -  protect weapon
Aryu Xperienced  -  essence shield
aspiyreen fizzi  -  create healing pill
barazz tshanzz feww harr grrrrrahhh  -  resist magical
barazz tshanzz fezz  -  resist physical
barfff utshanzz  -  confusion
bartfff sxzch uzbaturcx xchanem  -  Enchant weapon
burr burr  -  Barkskin
cah mar nak grttzt  -  cold ray
cah mar nak semen  -  icebolt
Creo Herbamus Satisfus  -  satiate person
daaa timaaa of daaa maaanth  -  moon sense
ddracc  -  Holy cross
drac a duck  -  Turn undead
duck a drac  -  Holy hand
ear PIERCING sound:  -  Disruptive C
"Eat the Rich, there's only one thing..."  -  A kings feast
etelainen lohduttaja  -  Haste
Everything is not for thou to see.  -  Clandestine thought
fah mar nak grttzt  -  Lava blast
fah mar nak semen  -  meteor blast
fah mar nak semen gnatlnamauch  -  Lava storm
fah zur fehh  -  flame arrow
fah zur sanc  -  firebolt
fah zur sanc gnatlnamauch  -  Meteor swarm
fah zur semen  -  Fire blast
Fear me.  -  Dragonfear
"Fo fu fe fum,"  -  The pathfinder
foooooooooooohh haaahhh booooloooooh  -  aura detection
ful  -  light
ful na .. .q^st  -  shadow armour
fzz mar nak grttzt  -  Acid blast
fzz mar nak semen gnatlnamauch  -  Acid storm
fzz zur fehh  -  disruption
fzz zur sanc  -  acid wind
fzz zur sanc gnatz namauch  -  acid rain
fzz zur semen  -  acid arrow
gchchandusioghp  -  dispel evil
ghht mar nak grttzt  -  blast vacuum
ghht mar nak semen  -  Strangulation
ghht mar nak semen gnatlnamauch  -  Vacuum globe
ghht zur fehh  -  vacuumbolt
ghht zur sanc  -  Suffocation
ghht zur sanc gnatlnamauch  -  Vacuum ball
ghht zur semen  -  Chaos bolt
gimme urhits  -  life leech (?)
goldie midas  -  create gold
greeeniee fingeriiee  -  Ripen plant
gtzt mar nak grttzt  -  Golden arrow
gtzt mar nak semen  -  Magic wave
gtzt mar nak semen  -  Summon greater spores
gtzt zur fehh  -  magic missile
gtzt zur sanc  -  Summon lesser spores
gtzt zur semen  -  Levin bolt
havia kauhistus pois  -  banish
henget uusix  -  Reincarnation
Here comes Molly in an overcoat...  -  Musicians alm
hot hot not  -  Major fire resistance
HUGE shrinkerama  -  weapon reduction
hus hus hus  -  Suppress magic
I HATE MAGIC  -  mana drain
"III want to ROAR, III want to SLAM..."  -  Uncontrollable mosh
iiiihihihih hihihihih hihihih iiiiiiiihihihih  -  punishment
ikzaz zueei enz orn  -  Remove scar
ilma on sakeampaa kuin veri  -  create air armour
Impetiquo es bien  -  Lessen poison
imprickening zang gah  -  imprisonment
jammpa humppa ryydy mopsi  -  Flip
Jeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuus  -  water walking
judicandus frrqzz  -  cure serious wounds
judicandus olofzh  -  cure light wounds
judicandus qhqfcfhuzar  -  cure critical wounds
judicandus saugaiii  -  Remove poison
"juustoa ja pullaa, sita mun maha halajaa"  -  create food
kakakaaa tsooon  -  Mental watch
klangg tongg  -  shield of protection
klanggg  -  shield
krkx mar nak grttzt  -  summon carnal spores
krkx mar nak grttzt gnatlnamauch  -  killing cloud
krkx mar nak semen  -  power blast
krkx zur sanc  -  poison blast
krkx zur sanc gnatlnamauch  -  poison spray
lentavia lauseita  -  floating letters
Like most babies smell like butter...  -  Achromatic eyes
likz az zurgeon  -  sex change
lkzaz zueei enz orn  -  remove scar
mad rad dar  -  Wizard eye
major kzkrt rex zero  -  Major physical resistance
mega visa huijari  -  identify
meke tul magic  -  Major magical resistance
miisiinnn liiiing  -  Mind link
minor AC/DC  -  Minor electrical resistance
minor hot hot not  -  Minor fire resistance
minor kzkrt rex zero  -  Minor physical resistance
minor meke tul magic  -  Minor magical resistance
minor morri morri pantoloosa  -  minor poison resistance
minor qor monoliftus  -  Minor asphyxiation resistance
"minor sulphiric, hydrochloric, kids stuff"  -  minor acid resistance
"moon fisku, soot tyhma - opi tasta taika"  -  Spellteaching
morri morri pantoloosa  -  major poison resistance
mumbo jumbo  -  deaths door
mumbo mumbo mumbo jakka dakka hippitippi  -  Evil curse
murraugh  -  bearskin
na ful  -  darkness
nilaehz temnahecne  -  regeneration
nitin mof  -  Artificial intelligence
nitin uurthg  -  feeblemind
No PAIN! NO PAIN!  -  Venom Tolerance
noccon mof  -  Aura of power
noccon uurthg  -  disease
nostunna nostunna  -  Unstun
Now that two decades gone by...  -  Soothing sounds
"null, nill, noll, nutin"  -  Neutralize field
Nullum Mana Drano  -  Mana shield
og  -  Go
og  -  Mobile cannon
Ourglazz Schmourglazz  -  Resist entropy
PAF PAF PAF!  -  Harm body
Pahuus on pehmoille  -  Protection from evil
peilikuvia ja lasinsirpaleita  -  mirror image
phblthplbht!  -  iron will
phylli phylli  -  Prepare flask
prtolala offf pwerrrr  -  Dimension door
purpleeeeeeeeee  -  protect armour
pzzarr  -  heal
pzzarr paf  -  half heal
qor monoliftus  -  Major asphyxiation resistance
reboundz dadamage  -  Death armour
rex car xzar  -  floating disc
rikki ja poikki  -  destroy armour
roope ankka ruleltaa  -  create money
rtsstr mof  -  giant strength
rtsstr uurthg  -  curse of ogre
saugaiii  -  poison
se on sarki nyt  -  Destroy weapon
sing-a-long  -  Merry Singalong
siwwis mof  -  awareness
start preparing some armour  -  Mystical squire
"sulta taiat pois, mulle hyva mieli taikadaikaduu"  -  blind mind
suomen hoyhen  -  feather weight
SUOMEN HOYHEN  -  permanent feather weight
taikoja ma inhoan  -  Anti magic field
Thar! Rauko! Mor! Ris-Rim! Fuin-Heru!...  -  Noituloves deathlore
the maidens had other plans  -  Melodical Embracement
thooiiiissss huuuiahashn  -  psishield
tonnikalaa  -  Heavy weight
TWANNNGG!!!  -  Noituloves dischord
upo puurre helkama  -  preserve corpse
vaka vanha vainamoinen  -  entropy
"VAROKAA, OMAISUUS ON MERKITTY"  -  copy protection
viiltaja jaska  -  make scar
virvon varvon tuoreeks terveeks  -  resurrect
viuhuu vauhuua  -  quicksilver
vole love velo levo  -  word of recall
"War is TOTAL massacre, sport..."  -  War ensemble
"What child is this, who laid..."  -  Campfire tune
whooz  -  Airsteel
withing thang walz  -  shelter
xafe ayz xckgandhuzqarr  -  Teleport without error
xafe uurthq  -  Relocate
xafe xyyqh xckgandhuzqarr  -  Teleport with error
ylufgzh frrqzz  -  cause serious wounds (?)
ylufgzh olofzh  -  cause light wounds
ylufgzh qhqfcfhuzar  -  cause critical wounds (?)
yugfzhrrr suuck suuuuuuck suuuuuuuuuuck  -  energy drain
yugzhrr  -  harm (?)
yugzhrr paf  -  Half Harm
ZAP ZAP ZAP!  -  heal body
zblrt~tbpttpt  -  blurred image
zeeesja fargomousil  -  Cure blind
Ziiiiiiiiiiit Ziit Ziiiit  -  electric field
zipza^pzop  -  displacement
zot mar nak grttzt  -  Electrocution
zot mar nak semen gnatlnamauch  -  Chain lightning
zot mar nak semen gnatlnamauch  -  Lightning storm
zot zur fehh  -  shocking grasp
zot zur sanc  -  lightning bolt
zot zur semen  -  Blast lightning
Zzzuck Eurzelf  -  life shield

This Spell Incantation Index is by no means complete.  I spent many 
hours attempting to rtack down all the spells, but it is not a simple 
task.  Many thanks to all those that helped me, I would list them, but 
to be honest, the list of who helped me is longer than the list of 
those who did NOT help me.  I employed just about every spellcaster 
who would answer my tells.  If you see a spell that needs to be added, 
Please mail me with the spell name and incantation.
I cannot guarantee the validity of many of these chants, some may have 
slight typos or be totally wrong; I would not know, because I did not 
do all of the research personally.  Some spell incantations have been 
abbreviated, particularly in the case of rather long-winded bardic 
chants.  If you cannot find a bardic chant, you might search for part 
of it.