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Author: Ran
Date:Jun 5 1997

Here is a new "sport" I thought up.  Actually I'm not sure if "sport" is the
right word to describe the game.  The object is to survive as long as you can.
 It is very fun, but be sure to train all your xp before playing.  This is a
nice game to play just before reinc.

You should hack a fast modem or a direct network connection to play.  Don't
play with a slow modem, you will die.

The first step is to get a few highbies mad at you.  Highbies are very
powerful (not as much as wizzes, but still pleanty powerful) and therefore
quite a challenge.  Here are some suggested ways to do this:

Healer:  Heal a monster they a fighting, or heal a monster they were trying to
kill but ran away from to heal themselves up.  Be sure to claim responsibility
in the case of the latter.

Mage:  Cast attack spells at a monster they are trying to kill, just as it is
about to die.  

Tank:  Use one of your attack skills on a tough monster they're fighting, just
as it's about to die.  Of finish off a monster they were fighting and ran away
from -- be sure to claim responsibility.

If you have enough levels, there are pleanty of annoying spells like Summon
that you have at your disposal for doing this.  Repeat as necessary.

Once you are in a dangerous situation, try to survive as long as you can. 
During this time, it is best to ignore anyone who gives you a tell.  Highbies
often have a lot of friends.  Also, highbies think they are very important,
and hate being ignored.  Do not bite or say anything back if someone is trying
to goad you into it, just ignore them.

You can further agitate your "friends" by doing things like pet-and-run or
slap-and-run.  If I know A is one east of me, and A is trying to kill me, I
can do something like e;pet A;slap A;w;w;n;w;n.  Highbies really like this
attention, it makes them want to kill you more.

Be creative.  Think up other ways to agitate them.  While you may not be able
to do much to them since you are a newbie, you can at least do things like
direct newbies asking for help to them, or get people to tell them you think
they are cute.

The first time you are sent to HELL, your time is up.  Record your time, that
is your score.  If you get a good score and want to brag, you can mail it to
me and I will record it in this book.

It is recommended you just ld or quit in Hell, and give things about an hour
or so to cool down before asking for a ress.  Otherwise, the people who are
trying to kill you might simply keep doing so.

Also, I know this game can be addictive, but try not to play this game more
than once per day.

Don't cheat.  The following behaviors are considered cheating.  If you do
these, it takes the fun out of the "sport"/game.

1) Sitting in the church, castle, or some other no-summon, possibly
no-violence zone.

Quitting and not re-entering for more than a minute.  

Going LD and not re-entering within a minute.

Partying with others during the time is fine, but try not to party with your
good friends.

*4* Disqualified.  If your "friends" get ambivelent and stop harassing you and
just forget about you for 10 minutes or more, then your time ends at the last
time they tried to kill you.  But for a skilled player this should rarely
happen, if you are good at agitating your "friends".  Constant
pet-and-running, and an occasional "thanks for the free summon" to someone you
aren't ignoring yet but is working in concert with them should be enough to
keep them harassing you.  Most highbies will not "let up" until they kill you,
if you got them mad enough (see *1*).  This is just to make the scoring fair.

This book was written by Ran.