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Library: Spy story summary ongoing


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Oct 18 1996

I wasn't raised here, so I can't really coment on much of the social
happenings.  I'll at least summarize it.
Story seems to revolve around  Satoka mostly at first.  She's the girl with
the lighter hair.
The story begins in 1995, December.  Satoka is running to school, checks her
watch, notices she's late.  On the way home, later, she meets one of her
friends who is watering her lawn.  Satoka talks about how a friend at school
gave her a gift, and she's wondering what it is.  They chat for a while.  Now
back at school, Satoka is walking around, and she's so happy she's not keeping
an eye on what's going on around her.  She bumps into someone, a girl with
hair ending slightly before her shoulders, whose name isn't currently known. 
The girl seems to recognize her and asks her if she's a few people she isn't,
she answers no a few times, and then the girls shrugs and moves on.  Satoka
seems disturbed, but recovers quickly and goes to her room.  Inside, she sees
Tokio changing out of her sailor suit (girls' school uniform) and into some
men's clothing.  They stare at each other for a while, then Satoka screams
"queer" and slams the door and leaves the room.  Now Satoka is confused again,
about Tokio, who I assume is her roommate.  Or maybe she's confused b'cos she
saw Tokio's chest.  She thinks about how grown women have breasts and decides
that it must be that Tokio hasn't gone through puberty yet, she is very
embarassed b'cos before she jumped to conclusions and assumed Tokio must have
either been a guy (and queer) or a cross-dresser or something else.  When
Tokio opens the door to ask her if she's okay she blushes and then shakes
hands with Tokio, who introduces her(him?)self for the first time and shakes
her hand.  Tokio is now dressed in guys' clothing, a long T-shirt and boys
pants.  Tokio must be her new roommate.  Satoka is really confused when Tokio
starts talking like a boy (uses "ore", masculine "I") and so on.  Now Tokio
goes into a long, probably made-up story about how he/she had to dress up in
those clothes to spy on someone, Satoka is questioning whether its true and if
Tokio is a boy or girl.  Tokio confronts Satoka, advancing on her and asking
"what, you don't believe me?" but never pointing out what he/she was referring
to.  Stunned, Satoka tries to back down, but in the end this just makes her
more confused as to who Tokio really is and why he was dressing up in boys or
girls clothing.  Tokio conviniently falls asleep after a short monolague at

Satoka wakes up the next day, after having a nightmare about beating up Tokio
with a broom.  It must have been some kind of S&M thing, Tokio is asking
"more!  more!".  She sees Tokio, in her new class, and acting very girlish
toward her.  She also sees a cute boy she likes, and Tokio notices this and
the boy.  Tokio seems to always be watching something, but maybe she's just
paying more attention to the lesson than most of the students do.  Tokio and
Satoka are so busy chatting they are missing the lesson, and then the teacher
calls on Satoka to read the next part.  Satoka says "yes!" and then doesn't
even know which part to read and how to read it.  Tokio saves her by standing
up and reading some paragraph about the statue of liberty in perfect english. 
Satoka, and much of the rest of the class is stunned at how good her english
is.  The teacher says "that's really good miss" and Satoka is really stunned,
doesn't know what to think about Tokio anymore.  Tokio accepts the phrase and
Satoka starts daydreaming, she sees a flower pop out of Tokio's hair and Tokio
says (s/he?) loves her.  As Satoka snaps out of it, she thinks "I'm 99% sure!"
and clenches her fist.

Later, as Satoka meets the cute boy she likes, she thinks Tokio is following
her.  But she quickly forgets as she is charmed by lookin at the boy.  Tokio
is watching the whole thing intently.  Upon being noticed again, Tokio turns
and begins to leave.  The cute boy is actually the one who was teaching the
class, he needs to go over one of her tests with her.  She helps him pull a
table up some stairs and suddenly trips and is yanked down the stairs after
the table.  The table bounces down the stairs, and as she falls down them
Tokio catches her just as one of her shoes falls off.  Tokio is rather strong,
s/he grabs Satoka and the railing to stop her fall.  She hugs Tokio, then
doesn't let go, Tokio starts sweating.  She thanks Tokio and then stops
hugging Tokio.  The teacher makes sure everyone is okay and thanks Tokio,
Tokio tells him he should be more careful with his students and he agrees. 
Someone behind them all calls the teachers name, when they turn around his
girlfriend has shown up.  She's a tall, attractive girl.  Satoka feels
heartbroken, the two of them walk off, and she is left with Tokio.  Tokio
produces a piece of hair she apparently took off the teachers girlfriends'
head, and Satoka is confused about why she wanted it.  Tokio goes into more
spy stories.  Tokio comments how heartbroken Satoka must have been when she
found out the teacher already had a girlfriend, and she says she already has a
boyfriend and wasn't intrested in him.  Satoka is confused again as Tokio
hands her a picture of a cute boy with dark hair and glasses, surrounded by
flowers.  She grips the picture, very confused, thinking "I was almost
certain, now this happens!"  Satoka admits her boyfriend is very handsome,
Tokio lets her keep the picture.  Satoka is really confused, part 1 ends.

Tokio is doing something to Satoka as she's sleeping, mostly just watching
her, sweating.  There is a short description of each character at the bottom. 
From left to right, Satoka, Tokio, Satoka's friend Midori, That unknown girl
Kyouko, the teacher Katori-sensei, and his girlfriend Kanou-sensui.  As Tokio
stares at Satoka, Satoka wakes up, yells and gets very embarassed.  Satoka
doesn't know what to think.  She grabs Tokio's hair, thinking she'll slam her
head in the door, but can't seem to follow through.  Satoka eventually lets go
of her hair and asks her why she was staring at her in her sleep.  Satoka
gives Tokio a long lecture, Satoka tells Tokio she's now 70% sure he's a guy. 
Tokio says "if I were a guy, you'd be the one looking at me as I slept" and
then asks "what about the other 30%?  Huh?"  Satoka's just confused.  Tokio
reminds her to get some sleep so that she doesn't fall asleep in class, then
walks off.  Satoka doesn't know what to think.

Later in the day, they are walking side by side and Satoka gets quite upset as
teases her about being in love with her own teacher again.  Satoka yells "Your
the one that's a pervert!" and Tokio replies that she takes her "job" (being a
spy) very seriously.  Satoka tries to argue some more, but Tokio sidetracks
her by waving to the teacher she likes, they're standing up on a railing. 
Satoka is totally besides herself, she's saying "I can't believe it!  Tokio he
waved back at you!  That's..." and so on, Tokio just smiles and says the
teacher must think she(?)'s cute.  Satoka is just besides herself.

Later, Satoka is seeing her teacher, very concerned.  She shows him the hair
that Tokio pulled out of his girlfriend's head.  He admits he doesn't know why
anyone would want it and shrugs.  Meanwhile, Tokio is pondering something. 
She wonders what has happened to the hair she plucked out of Kanou-sensei's
head.  She's very concerned about what happened to it.  When Satoka returns
Tokio asks her if she took it, Satoka denies this, making Tokio even more
suspicious.  Tokio looks quite mean here, she's fuming.  And plotting.  Satoka
turns read, gets exzasperated, they fight a little.  But Tokio is pretty calm
and controlled, Satoka is the one going berzerk.  Suddenly the teacher pops
in.  He was wondering what all the yelling was about.  Tokio asks "A?  What
yelling?", Satoka is too embarassed to say anything.  really to do anything. 
When the teacher leaves Satoka throws a tantrum, throws a shoe at Tokio's
head.  Satoka turns away, leaving her there fuming.  Meanwhile, the teacher is
standing outside the room, wondering what all the ruckus going on inside is.  

Later, Satoka and Tokio are again standing up on the same railing.  Tokio is
going in-depth into more dumb spy stories and schemes, I can't really
understand them.  Satoka says she's given trying to figure out who/what Tokio
is, she doesn't seem to care anymore.  On the side of this page is an add for
posters and calendars.  Satoka sees her favorite teacher going by again.  "You
prob'ly stay up here just to see him pass!", insists Tokio.  Satoka just
sweats.  The teacher is walking with someone else, some unnamed guy.  Tokio
takes her can of juice and holds it over the railing, dropping it through the
air and onto the guy the teacher's walking with head.  Tokio laughs, Satoka
gets quite upset.  The guy the teacher was walking with gives the teacher a
nasty look and asks "What the hell was that about?!", the teacher is silent,
he looks back up and notices Tokio and Satoka standing on the railing above
where his friend got hit.  Tokio smiles, Satoka gets very embarassed.  As
Tokio is bragging about what she(?) did, Satoka starts daydreaming again, she
sees a flower come out of Tokio's head again and shakes herself to stop the
daydream.  Tokio teases her for running away so she wouldn't have to confront
the teacher she liked.

Now we have Kanou-sensei, the teacher's girlfriend, holding vials of
chemicals.  She asks Tokio if she'd like to help, Tokio insists no.  She tells
Satoka she needs a vial stored but Satoka insists she can't do it.  Kanou
chortles and jokes "everyone's so scared of chemicals these days."  Tokio

Later, Satoka is talking with the friend she saw at the very beginning,
Midori.  Midori says she met some girl named Kyouko, who said she knew Satoka
and described the girl she bumped into on the first day.  Satoka denies it
all, they go different ways.  Satoka is confused, as always, doesn't know
anything about who Kyouko is or why Kyouko thought she knew her.  Not soon
after, Satoka suddenly turns around and sees Tokio standing there.  She thinks
she just caught Tokio red-handed following her.  Tokio tries to quiet her
down, she spazzes, this time Tokio is getting all concerned, Tokio calls her a
few names and she storms off.  Satoka think that of the stories Tokio tells
about spies and spying on people, maybe they're an excuse to watch her, or
that she is the one Tokio is supposed to be spying on.  Scared, she decides
she has to do something.

Satoka takes the picture of Tokio's supposed boyfriend to the teacher and asks
him if he knows this person.  The teacher asks if that's her new boyfriend,
which makes her slap him, knocking him off his feet.  Noticing her mistake,
she promptly appoligizes, saying Tokio and her have been fighting a lot
recently.  The teacher says he's sure they're both civilized girls, and they
can work it out.  Satoka just thinks "are we?" and then leaves.

We see Kyouko again.  She seems to be watching someone, but not sure what. 
Satoka goes back up to the railing, sees the teacher talking with his
girlfriend.  She grabs the railing and begins to lean on it, but the railing
quickly gives way and she begins to fall.  End of part 2.

Satoka is yelling her head of as she begins
to fall, she calls out Tokio's name.  She's either calling for help or she
figures that Tokio must have been the loosened the bolts on her favorite
railing.  The railing stops moving, she's saved.  She turns around and its the
girl from before, the one who supposedly knew her, Kyouko.  She cries, rushes
into Kyouko's arms, and the railing falls and crashes down onto the ground. 
She thanks Kyouko.

Kyouko tells her she should try to be careful, and that maybe it wasn't really
an accident.  She tries to debrief Satoka, asking her if she has any enemies,
if anyone's tried to kill her before, Satoka just thinks "what the?!" and gets
confused, dazed as Kyouko wacks her with a broom.  Kyouko takes some time to
look at the railing, and decides it must have been intentional.   They