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Library: standard party operating procedure


Author: Ran
Date:Nov 26 1997

Removal of tresspasser.

1) Upon first sighting, trespasser is warned (by tell) and given 5 minutes to
leave area.  Be polite. ie. "This area is the property of the party.  You are
advised to vacate this area within 5 minutes.  You have been warned."  

2) Upon subsequent sightig, notify highest level member.

3) Highest level member is to report name of offending character to a member
with summon, who will attempt to summon them out of area.  Peacetime rules
apply, no other action is to be taken against offending character except when
deemed necessary as self defense.

4) If summon out fails, highest level member is to form an attack task force
consisting of at least 3 capable members.  Attack task force shall enter area,
search for offending character, and attack.  Care must be taken in selecting
the attack task force, and in operations of such, to ensure victory. 
Objective of attack task force is to make offending character leave area, by
hindering offending character or possibly killing him.  The attack task force
is to operate with 1) Self-preservation, and 2) fulfillment of objectives as
its priorities.