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Library: Stephen Kings new book


Author: Capula
Date:Dec 2 2000

The greatest horror-book of all times -By Stephen King

It was a dark and moist night, (All that work and no joy
makes Jack a dull boy). Shiver, I didnt write that. What
the hell is happening? I tried to continue my dark
writings still shuddering the weird occuranse. (They are
coming to take you away, hahaa!) What? NO NO this cant
be real. I was me but now he's gone. Im really losing
it. I have to concentrate, book, book, good now Im back
on my tracks. (Syömään!), NooouuU, I cant resist this
ancient summon from powers that be. I must end this.
It was a dark and moist night, so God put the lights on.
The End. Now quickly, have to mail this. Oh great one
Im coming, Im coming....