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Library: Strange Beliefs in the Network


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Sep 18 1996

This is a catalogue of some of the strange or such delusional beliefs of many
in the network, or in other associated network front groups.

"XXX is our sworn enemy" - Often times network front groups appear to, or
actually do hate each other.  This is for a number of reasons.  A good example
is the "Church of Scientology" and the "American Psyciatrics Association". 
They are both constantly fighting each other, yet they are both network front
groups.  This is for a number of reasons, including actually making these
groups appear to be less likely to work towards the same goal.

"The Marcabs, other aliens" - Some network groups believe in a planet (many
different names exist) in the same orbit as earth but exactly opposite it, so
it is always shielded from the Earth's view by the sun.  The Marcab's
themselves are humans just like us, but their society is a cliche'd version of
ours, with cars, fedoras, stoplights, and such.  In some circles it is
believed that the Marcabs are spacefaring, and have large spaceships
resembling old aeroplanes.
 Some circles also believe that the Marcabs have infiltated everday life on
Earth, and that is why things here are so screwed up.

"All opposition must be destroyed" - A majority of the network believers are
nilhistic, they want the destruction of both most of the world, and of most of
inhabitants.  Often times, MUD-ish or TECHIE-ish lingo is used here, as to not
make communications appear incriminating.  For instance, "The area has been
totally _cleared_" means that there were no survivors, and "Zobo has crashed"
means that Zobo has been rendered ineffective, or has blown (left) the

"Network levels are heirarchial" - This is true.  Just watch the way they
attack and command each other, and the way that lower-level network members
are so expendable.

"There is no reality" - Belief in this myth severly hampers most network
harassment efforts.  Often times the network will be happy and feel they are
doing a good job if they can harass an enemy in a psuedo-reality, like a MUD
or try to make their life miserable.  They often do this because they lack the
expertise or courage to do any kind of real-life harassment, though certain
front groups do not share that weakness.  When dealing with high-level network
officials, it is likely they will only try to attack you in these
"psuedo-realities", so there is little need to worry.  

"We are immune to reality" - Not true.  No matter what you believe, if you die
you still die.  The network answer for when this happens (which it always
does) is "the victim wasn't believe it hard enough."  

"We have infinite manpower" - This is not true.  The network typically uses
overkill for harassment, all avaliable personel will concentrate on a single
task.  For instance, "Make XXX's life here on this game as unbearable as
possible.  Use any means at your disposal."  Take the example of here, for
instance.  About 20-30 network members, mostly led by whoever gave the order,
all team up and try to attack you as best as you can.  You simple opt to go to
the church and wait them out, while you wait you are occupying 20+ network
members doing nothing but sitting around waiting for you become vulnerable. 
Don't go ld, just sit there and idle, go off and do something else.  If you
really want to do something about it, ask some of your friends to go around
and pick them off one-by-one, since they are all occupied attacking you and
have nothing left to defend themselves with.  The overkill method they use
just makes it seem like they have nearly infinite members at their disposal.  

omnipotence/God myth - Not true.  While a network member may be a "God" of a
particular psuedo-realm, like a sysop of a BBS, a boss at the nearest Denny's,
or a wiz on BAT or something, there is little real power coming from that.  A
boss might be able to push around a few pinks, and a wiz might be able to have
limited control of some people and siphon bribes (money, beer, sex, etc.) for
giving people favours, the power over _actual reality_ is almost nil.