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Library: strange dream


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Dec 3 1996

Note:  I translate this as best as I can.  Ten speaks funny.  Also, I am
generally not this violent IRL either.  I don't know why Ten was in the dream,
but I called him Ten and he looked no different so it must have been that
character.  I am making a book out of this b'cos I don't know what it means,
but thought maybe someone here in Finland can.

[at a boring party, in an aunt's house in Norway]
Ten:  'emae-ko, I'm bored
Me:  You think I'm not?
[sneak sneak]
open door [creak]
Me:  Run!
Ten:  Waaaa!
Ten:  Where are we going now, 'emae-ko?
Me:  Hmm, Finland?
[blank stare]

[at an elementary school]
Me:  Pardon me, but do you know how to get to Finland?
Kid:  What's that? [points at Ten]

Me:  How to get to Finland?
Kid:  What's that? [points to Ten]
Me:  Its a remote control toy.
Ten:  Beep beep!
Kid:  Is it made in US?
Me:  Hey!  He's got claws!
Kid:  Yeeee! [runs off]
Me:   Ten!

[inside the classroom, it's recess]
Me:  Do you know how to get to Finland?
Teacher:  Umm...
Me:  Finland, right here [pointing on globe]
Teacher:  Take north street, just follow it.  It'll take you right there.
Me:  Okay, thanks.
Teacher:  What a cute kid, is he yours?
Me:  Look out, he's got claws.
[covering my eyes]
Me:  Lets go.
Ten:  Yep!

[in the street]
Me:  Get him!
Ten:  Eeeyaaeeeiii!
Kid:  Aaaaiie! [runs off]
[I get on his bike]
Me:  Get in the basket, Ten-chan

[ride along for half an hour]
Me:  Strange, no border crossing.
[time passes]
Me:  I guess no one uses this way anymore.
[time passes]
Me:  I haven't seen a person or a car in quite some time.

Sign:  Helsinki
Me:  Okay, read this paper to me.
Ten:  I can't read that!
Me:  Oh, its in English.
Me:  We need to follow these directions.
Me:  Hey kid, do you know how to get here?
[???] (I can't understand him)
[I hit the kid]
Ten:  Eeeiii!
[kid falls to ground]
Kid:  ouch!
Me:  Let's find a map, Ten-chan

[in station]
Me:  Give me that!
[opening map]
Me:  Okay, here we go.
Me:  It's short enough to walk.

[at house]
Me:  Be good.
Ten:  I'm good!
[knock knock]
(this part in english)
Mom:  Umm... hello
Ten:  Waaah!
Me:  Poink.  [clap clap]
[sneak around them]
Mom:  What a nice kid you have, miss.
(back to japanesse)
Me:  address book.
Me:  here it is.
[shuffle shuffle]
Me:  This address. [copy it down]
(back to english)
Me:  [tap tap]
Mom:  hmm?  [bump]
Mom:  oh, there you are miss.
Mom:  He's very nice.
Me:  Yes he is.
(in japanesse)
Me:  let's go Ten-chan.
Ten:  Bye!

Me:  now this place again
Ten:  where?
Me:  that's far away

[on bike again]
Ten:  yet?
Me:  no
Ten:  yet?

Me:  almost

Me:  no one here, Ten-chan
Ten:  'e'mae-ko, I'm tired
Me:  me too, Ten-chan
Me:  Isn't this much better than being at that party?
Ten:  weeiyh! (???)

Ten:  'e'mae-ko...
Drunk guy:  Grup... puuh...
Me:  What?
Me:  Yei!
Ten:  'mae that guy was trying to...
Me:  [crush] Yoiu shouldn't know about that Ten-chan.
Ten:  they teach that to younger kids now in pre-school.
Ten:  Weeiyah!  Yei yei yei!
Me:  He's overdoing it.
Ten:  Yei!
Me:  C'mon Ten-chan.
Ten:  His head, it came off!
Me:  Oops, looks like you killed him, Ten-chan.
Ten:  Sorrey (to the dead drunk guy)
Me:  Lets go, Ten-chan.

Me:  hmm, we'll sleep here then.
[fall down]
Ten:  [yawn]

[street] Me:  I wonder if I can-
Paper guy:  Read it!  Random College student dies of alcohol poisoning! 
Faulty headphones suspected!
Me:  Gimme that!
Paper guy:  ... Yes ma'am!
Me:  hmm
Me:  tired
[collapse again]
END (I wake up)

BTW, 'e'mae-ko, 'mae, etc., is short for Himeko.

More of a series - I just don't get this.  There's the obvious predomiant
theme, but not much else, so please help if you can.  Again, much of these are
in japanesse, but I translate wherever I can.

[walking around outside]
Ten:  'emae-ko, I'm not getting enough candy.
Me:  We'll sorrey!
Ten:  Weih!  Tickoruteetu [english]
Oh, what a cute kid.
Me:  Thanks.
Ten:  Don't worrey about giving me too much, since I use up a lot of energy
Lady:  I hope that will do.
Ten:  Thanks, bye bye!
[next house]
Ten:  Tickoruteetu!
Guy:  What?
Ten:  Ticko-ru-teeto!
Guy:  Huh?
Ten:  Yosh.  [slashes a few times]
Guy:  Yeeeih!
Me:  Geez Ten, you got yourself all bloody.  Use his sink to wash up.
Ten:  Of course, I'm a good boy.
Me:  Heh.
[watching news]
Next on the news -- a mysterious trick-or-treat death!  Eyewitnesses report
that a man was threatened and execute by a three-year-old baby!  After
refusing to give the baby candy.

[at Mika's house]
Mika:  If you don't do what I say, I'm giong to kill you, Himeko. [mika
  has a gun]
Me:  Hmf.
Mika:  Okay, put on this nice soft dress.
Me:  What do you think of me!
  "Atashi wa neko to nen-ne nai-yo!" - untranslatable, literally means
  "I'm not your cat."
Mika:  Put it on.
Me:  no.
Mika:  I'll kill you.
Me:  You're a necrophile too?
Mika:  I thought you hated men/guys.
Me:  Exactly why I hate some "otoko-onna" like you now!
Mika:  Krrr... I'll kill you now.  [click]
Me:  Okay, give me the gun and I'll shoot myself.
Mika:  Hmm, promise?
Me:  yep.
Mika:  okay, here Himeko.
[I shoot her]
Me:  Look at the good side, "otoko-onna torezuto", at least you died
  like an "honorable guy"/an honorable man's death [hard to translate].
In the news today, this girl was found dead in her house by an unsuspecting
neighbor, apparently the victim of stranglation by a faulty lampshade.  This
is the third lamp-shade related death this month.  Police are requesting that
people please report immediately any suspicous activity regarding
[at home]
Me:  Annie!  Do you know where your "brother" Piiki-darling is?
Annie:  No.
Me:  I'd better go out and look for him.
Random guy:  Hey!  Wait up girl!
Me:  I'm not intrested.  Go away.
Guy:  Hey, I've known you.
Me:  No you haven't.  Go away.