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Library: strange dream part 2


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Dec 3 1996

This is specific to this place, so I ought to list it here.

These came from a dream.  I make no statement about
anything about them.

[Zilch]: Cold!
[Zilch]: When I get home, I'll take a warm shower.
(sign): 'Town Hall' meeting!  Meet your local 'Wizard'!
[Zilch]: Oh shit!  (runs off)
[guy ?]: There he is!  I won't let you get away!
[Zilch]: Let go!  I'm not going to your debate!
[guy ?]: My shift is over.  It's your turn.

[Zilch]: Hi, there's pleanty of beer feel free.
[guy ?]: (leaving) hehe.
[?]: How do you explain the rise in player deaths recently?
[Zilch]: We're doing everything we can, to stop these accidents.
[Dragonfly]: My wife's (here) death!  You call that an accident?!
[?]: Translation:  You're sitting on your lazy asses, drinking beer and
laughing at us as we suffer.
[Zilch]: whisper (gosh, these people need to get a life)
[Zilch]: Look, we do care about this place.
[?]: Yeah, you care about making our lives miserable.
[Dragonlfy]: And killing off my wife!
[?]: And making it unplayable!
[Dragonfly]: My wife!  My wife!
[?]: It's not playable!  It doesn't work!
[Zilch]: Argh!  Shuddup everyone!  (leaves)