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Library: Sweedish courts fight network front


Author: Lum
Date:Jul 1 1998

"Radio news at noon today 18 June 1998. The Swedish Supreme Administrative
Court made the final ruling this morning that the 'secret Bible' of
Scientology will remain a public document in Sweden. In the ruling it was said
that people have to pay large fees to read the document and that the U.S. has
put strong pressure on Sweden to keep it sealed. The court ruled that it is
more important to safeguard the principles of the Swedish Constitutional Law
of Public Access to Official Records than to submit to pressures from foreign
political powers.  The decision can not be appealed."

Response from the network:

"'We are shocked. We are going to do everything to force this on - even to the
Europe Parliament if needed', says Tarja Vulto, the information secretary at
the Church of Scientology in Stockholm. She thinks that the Swedish Supreme
Administrative Court only has considered the technical views and has not taken
into consideration the international agreements and the copyright. Vulto
points out that the Government as well as the Parliament has carefully studied
the subject and reached a different judgments. 'This is religious material
which means a lot to us. No one else should have access to it. The
Scientologists are going to do whatever is in their power to protect it', she

Yeah!  Finally people are fighting the network and winning, maybe someday even
things like this can happen in the US.