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Library: Tales of Adventure II - Sadisto


Author: Shadowjack
Date:Nov 2 1995

Transcribed:  Sat Nov 26 21:57:59 EST 1994

Gunbuster had recently reincarnated into a mage, and I myself was a
fighter, so we decided to team up to see what kind of damage we could
do.  Filled with confidence, we slew the evil inhabitants of Firefox's
castle with impunity.

This proved to be are undoing, however.  We had just readily disposed
of an icy demon, when I spied another exit in the room.  "Where does
that door go?" I asked Gunbuster.  He replied with a shrug.  "I never
explored here before."  Impulsively, I strode through the door,
Gunbuster following -- and we were horrified to see none other than
the evil Sadisto himself!

Quickly, I tried leaving through the entrance we had just come -- but
the crazed Sadisto blocked our exit and began wasting no time in
slicing me up with his infamous serrated blade.  I tried the opposite
exit to no avail, and then in a panic, we managed to slip through a
northern door to safety -- or so we thought.

With sinking hopes, Gunbuster and I recalled ancient legends, and we
groaned as we realized our new plight.  According to the old sages,
Sadisto guarded the entrance to the dracolich Krystantimyth.  (Spelled
something like that.  Gunbuster and I never paid much attention to
those muttering sages.)  So now we were trapped between a rock and a
hard place; before us lay the dracolich and behind us Sadisto, neither
of which we could defeat.

So we sent out our plea of help across the land, in hopes that some
kindly soul would understand our plight and come to our rescue.  But
typical of Batmud's apathy, there were no responses at all.  Except

Tate bravely offered to do what she could, to rescue us from Sadisto's
clutches.  Realizing she could not offer us brute strength to escape,
she thought quickly to buy two teleportation potions from the
alchemist shop, and traveled out to Firefox's castle.

Tate planned to run past the evil Sadisto and give Gunbuster and I the
potions.  Gunbuster and I could then teleport to safety, and, having
no equipment, she could quit.  But alas, Sadisto called for
reinforcements, and a skeletal warrior and demon had returned,
blocking Tate's path!

So once again Gunbuster and I sent out the call for help, this time
asking for someone to exterminate the warrior and demon, so Tate could
safely come to our aid.  To our pleasant surprise, the mage Kharon
offered his wizardry, and readily dispatched of the offending

Tate then quickly ducked into Sadisto's chamber, and before the
surprised villain could react, Tate slipped through the door into the
small room where Gunbuster and I were trapped.  We thanked her
profusely and took the teleportation potions she offered, and quaffed
our way to freedom.

Or so we had hoped.

As seasoned explorers know, Sadisto had long worked great magics to
make sure that his sinister lair was shielded against teleportations.
Gunbuster and I were still trapped!

"I've got an idea," Tate said, "give me your equipment."

Huh?  Gunbuster and I were puzzled, but we gave her our possessions.
All our equipment had been featherweighted, so Tate was able to hold
them for us without any problems.

"Okay, go ahead and quit," Tate commanded.

Suddenly it dawned on us what Tate was about to heroically do.  Before
we could grab her and stop her, Tate plunged back into Sadisto's room!
Gunbuster and I could hear the "swoosh!" of Shredder and Tate's
shrieks of pain, but there was nothing we could do, but follow her last
wishes, and quit.

Gunbuster and I returned to Bat with heavy hearts, saddened by Tate's
epic deed -- but who should be waiting for us at my tower, but Tate!
With a mischievous grin, she returned our equipment to us, while we
looked on in shocked -- but ecstatic -- disbelief.

"Oh, we catfolk have nine lives." Tate explained with a smirk.  "I was
condemned to hell after Sadisto killed me, but I prayed reeeaaaly
hard, and Anipa answered my prayers and brought me back to life in the
Bat City church."

Gunbuster and I were overjoyed at this, and again we thanked Tate for
her heroic sacrifice, although words could not express the gratitude
we felt.  Gunbuster and I will never forget the bravery and
selflessness Tate displayed by her self-sacrifice, to help us escape
unharmed from Sadisto's lair.