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Library: Teachings of Tarmalen


Author: Meltan
Date:Sep 21 1998

Recorded from the speech of Tarmalen

By the Reverend Father Meltan Elventree

1) Persevere in the face of pain. Heal the sick, the wounded, and
the;diseased. Comfort the dying, the griefstricken, and the heartsick. ;Take
on the burdens and the pain of others. Champion the causes of;the oppressed
and unjustly treated, and give shelter and kind counsel;to the lonely, the
lost, and the ruined. Pursue the service of ;Tarmalen, and he will provide -
leave gross riches and the acquisition;of all but medicines to others. Take up
the tasks no others dare.

2) Bury the dead, treat the diseased, and give food, and firewood to the;poor.
Help all who are hurt, no matter who they are, and that the ;truly holy take
on the suffering of others. If you suffer in my name,;i will be there to
support you. Stick on your cause if it is right,;whatever the pain and peril.
Stand up to all tyrants, resist both,;the great and small, and allow no
injustice to go by unchallenged.;In a meaningful death there is no shame.

3) Life is sacred and suffering as holy, but do not stand in the way;of
others' desires or condemn for their chosen path. Do not stop a;sorely injured
warrior from rising up half-healed to plunge into ;battle again, who is openly
seeking death while fighting the foe.;Instead, assist freely the warrior by
healing him enough to be mobile;that he could follow his own doom wish in the
most honorable manner;available to him.

4) Guidance and marriage are your duties. Cure the sick and injured.;Teach the
flock, indeed anyone who is interested, the arts of medicine,;sanitation, and
healing. Take tasks to help others in the healing;process. Be a spiritual
teacher for everyone in need and be vigilant;against powers or elements which
threat the faith.

5)  Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new
prosperity;for all humankind and its allies. Perfect thyself, and guard ever
;against pride, for it is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture;growing
things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Be fertile in mind;and body.
Consider always the consequenses of thine actions so that the;least effort may
bring the greatest and best reward. Wherever you go,;plant seeds of hope, new
ideas, and plans for a future in the minds of;all.

6) Know that when we gods have vital business upon the Material World, ;we
send avatars to act for them. An avatar is simply a manifestation;of a god
upon the Material World. This manifestation is not nearly ;as powerful as a
god and is merely a projection of a deity's power ;to the Material World. An
almost infinitely vast gulf of power lies ;between the god and the avatar. The
avatar embodies just a small ;portion of the god's power.

7) Conduct a moment of silence or a prayer to your me eight times ;every day,
first at Prime, then Tierce, and at Sext, Nones, ;Vespers, Compline, Matins,
and finally at Lauds.

8) These are the four most important songs i want you to know.


But you and I, through burning plains, through darkness of the earth, affirm
the world, its people, the heavens that gave them birth, the breath that
passes between us, this new home where we stand, and all those things made
larger by the vows between woman and man.


Water from dust, and dust rising out of the water Continents forming, abstract
as color or light To the vanished eye, to the touch of Tarmalen Who knows with
a touch that the robe is white, Out of that water a country is rising,
impossible When first imagined in a prayer, And the sun and the seas and the
stars invisible As gods in a code of air.

Dust from the water, and water arising from dust, And the robe containing all
colors assumed into white, Into memory, into countries assumed in the trust Of
ever returning color and light, Out of that dust arises a wellspring of tears
To nourish the work of our hands In forever approaching country of yearning
and years, In due and immanent lands.


And in climate of dreams When you recall her, when the world of the dream
expands, wavers in light, when you stand at the edge of blessedness and sun,

Then we shall make you remember, shall make you live again through the long
denial of body

For you were first dark in the light's hollow, expanding like a stain, a
cancer For you were the shark in the slowed water beginning to move For you
were the notched head of a snake, sensing forever warmth and form For you were
the inexplicable death in the crib, the long house in betrayal And you were
more terrible than this in a loud alley of visions, for you passed through
unharmed, unchanging As the women screamed, unraveling silence, halving the
door of the world, bringing forth monsters As a child opened in parabolas of
fire There at the borders of two lands burning As the world split, wanting to
swallow you back willing to give up everything to lose you in darkness.

You passed through these unharmed, unchanging, but now you see them strung on
our words - on your own conceiving as you pass from night - to awareness of
night to know that hatred is the calm of philosophers that its price is
forever that it draws you through meteors through winter's transfixion;through
the blasted rose;through the shark's water through the black compression of
oceans through rock - through magma to yourself - to an abscess of nothing
that you will recognize as nothing that you will know is coming again and
again under the same rules.


Return this man to Anipa's breast;Beyond the wild, impartial skies;;Grant him
a warrior's rest;And set the last spark of his eyes;Free from the smothering
clouds of wars;Upon the torches of the stars.;Let the last surge of his
breath;Take refuge in the cradling air;Above the dreams of ravens where;only
the hawk remembers death.;Then let his shade to Anipa rise;Beyond the wild,
impartial skies.