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Author: Ran
Date:Oct 21 1997

  One weekend I climbed atop a building
and looked down-
  From here, the city looks
like a checkerboard.
  Don't think I'm strange,
it makes me feel upset inside.
  A girl understands
what is hapening.
  If I made it snow
wouldn't that be nice?
  If I could decide-

  I laid my cheek on an icicle
and hoped - even though
  The city looked still
and asleep.
  Once you stop crying
things will change.
  When you're happy, think of me-

  A girl understands
what is happening.
  Tommorow is just after today.
  Clouds eventually become rain.
  I do what I can
whether I like it or not.

  Even from here
everything looks alike.
  A girl understands
what happens.
  If I made it snow
wouldn't that be great?
  Can I decide?