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Library: Teutonic - The True Story


Author: Teuton
Date:Oct 16 1997

Teutonic had been removed for cheating, but the cheating that he had done was
done only with one character. That character was Odelia, Odelia was a
secondary character. Teutonic was also guilty of multiplaying. But he did not
give any money or exp or any other items to any other players besides his
secondary character. Fi, Harbinger, and Stx were all unknowing in this event.
They had no idea that Odelia was a wiz character or that what they were doing
was illegal. They never received anything at all from Odelia or Teutonic. They
were unfortunatly removed for no reason
Teutonic knew very well that what he was doing would eventually get him caught
and hew did not care too much, although he hadn't taken into affect the
casualties. Teutonic yearned to once again be mortal but didn't feel good
asking to be removed from immortality. 

Those of you that have heard the rumours about giving out tons of money/exp to
players are false. Teutonic only helped himself and no-one else.  And now
Teutonic has died and been reborn.