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Library: 15 year update


Author: Ran
Date:May 28 1997

Actually I will write this since it is my responsibility now.

This is intended to bring people up to date with recent advancements and newer
implementations.  It is by no means comprehensive, it only touches on the
advancements within the last 15 years.  It does not include a large amount of
technical data, it is just an overview.

1) "Megabrain" (semiconductor construction) - Recent development in
semiconductor construction, uses improved alloys with better heat dissipation.
This allows the making of a system in a large, about 1 foot diameter, sphere. 
It Which means all the parts are very close together, so it is faster and uses
less power.  The "brain" itself looks like a sphere and has many spikes
portruding for heat dissipation.  It is typically submerged in a coolant such
as cool water. It is sensative to vibration and other impacts, so for now all
models are designed for nonmobile installations.

2) 15 socket probe (blueprint design) - The older probes are being phased out.
Newer probes have three additional sockets, which improves their versatility. 
This was done by removing some nonvital systems and some armour.  Also the
power generator has been improved, so more power is avaliable to all the

3) Focussed Discharge (Weapon Class) - A vessel with one of these was
captured, and the weapon documented.  These extremely powerful weapons are
generally vessel mounted or larger. 
A normally diffuse explosion takes place inside the weapon, and the emissions
are focussed into a beam.  The main problem is that the response time is
between [3 and 10 seconds].  Both He-Fus and M-A versions of this weapon have
been implemented.  Currently in development there is an attempt at development
of a He-C+-Fus version.  

Development of improved personal weapons is under way.  Your requests have
been heard.  For more specific information ask me personally.

Current projects call for the developing of a smallarm personal weapon as well
as other heavy personal weapons.