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Library: The History of The Gersidi Family


Author: Zamphyr
Date:Nov 2 1995

        A long time ago a very powerful man named Kinelos Gersidi built a
large tomb for his family to rest in during the after life. It was his
belief that what he put down there he could use later after his death. But
something unfortunate happened. Before his time, Kinelos Gersidi was killed
by his two most powerful magic users. Quentos and Shalon soon took over the
Gersidi treasures after they disposed of the rest of the Gersidi family.
Quentos and Shalon were two very evil men. When they took over the tomb and
the tower that had been built on top of it, all of the workers and guards
were locked into the tombs that Kinelos has built. But, they were not aware
that those tombs contained a certain magic. A magic that when after someone
has passed into the after life the ability to ground their spirits to the
tombs and whatever was connected to them forever. Since then the two evil
sorcerers placed many guards throughout the tower to keep the spirits where
they belonged.
        Serveral years after this, the two sorcerers were murdered by a family
member they had forgotten about, Frena Gersidi. But to add to the misfortune
of the Gersidi family, Frena had been caught and executed by the guards. Since

then the tombs have been sealed off by the guards. It is not known who now 
controls the tower or, for that matter, if anyone controls the tower at all.
        More than 500 years has passed since the occurance of these events.
The guards predict that the tombs are over run by undead now. It is not known
how many undead there are, but the guards fear their lives and will not go
down into their world.