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Library: the most vital things


Author: Lum
Date:Mar 7 1998

In vague terms, the two most vital things in life are strength and courage.  I
don't mean that in the classical sense of those two words.  Strength is based
on perception as well as ability.  It's the ability to force anything or
anyone to act with your own actions.  Courage is your ability to link your
will with action.

Will --(courage)--> Action --(strength)--> Reality

First comes the will to act.  With most important actions, there is some fear
and hesitancy involved.  Without courage, one will not act in any significant
way.  Next comes strength.  In many cases, "aptitude" is a better word. 
Without aptitude in the field you're acting in, your actions are often wasted.
There are many different kinds or strength (or aptitude), but there is only
one kind of courage.