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Library: The mystery of Paupers castle


Author: Pahvi
Date:Feb 25 2002

The mystery of Paupers castle

Joxu woke up, he was shivering from cold. 'I'll be sure to pass out on the bed
next time' -muttered he, as the cold stone floor of a castle might not have
been the most pleasant place to sleep on.  Slowly raising to his feet, waiting
for the headache to expode, he made his way to the fountain. 'Thats the last
time I'll try  to drink Wermo under the table' he swore. The reflection on the
surface of the fountain seemed to agree. 

Meanwhile on another wing of the castle, a lonlely ray of light shone through
the shoddy boarding of the window and hit Pahvi  right in the left eye.
'EAEEEWGARAGaGAGggraaaaaah!!!!' -announced Pahvi as a small spiral of smoke
rose out of his burned eye, being the troll  he was, bathing in the daylight
was not very high on his things to do  list. This morning it took only 2
seconds for Pahvi to get out of bed, instead of the usual 4-hour performance
of simulating giant walrus and  looking like a stranded humpback whale after a
all-you-can-eat night at  the local all-you-can-eat-plankton-place. 

Wermo had been up for hours already, suffering no hangover after drinking
amounts of alchohol that would have easily killed few elephants, Wermo felt 
fine. Wermo was doing the usual things that Wermoes do, he was getting
valuable experience in killing monsters with few of his fellow adventurers. 
'Hi there, whats you been up to?' Asked Pahvi 'The usual, gaining experience,
loosing ungettable items ect ..' Wermo responded 'OK' said Pahvi, 'Have you
heard anything about Joxu today?' he asked 'Well we did have few drinks
yesterday so propably his still sleeping'. Wermo guessed

Infact Joxu was awake and feeling bit better after eating few unlucky newbies
that had been idling near the castle area. Now he felt like trying something
bit harder than the breathing he had been consentrating on until now.  'I'll
try walking and  talking at the same time' Joxu concluded.  'Gor' stated Joxu
to Wermo and Pahvi.  'It's alive!' responded Wermo 'but only barely' added
Pahvi 'Gnn' said Joxu, whose eyes were starting to resemble tomatoes.  'Hey we
were supposed to be exploring the famous Paupers castle today' Pahvi
remembered. 'Heres the letter I found from one of the monsters there on the
basement' said Pahvi presenting a small piece of parchment, covered in dried

The paper itself was hand written by someone in a hurry, the handwriting was
bit shaky but at the same time it seemed very well written, as if the writer
had been writing letters for centuries already.  'Uh its utter gibberish'
noted Wermo 'Yeah i think its somekind of code' Pahvi guessed.  'Lets hit it
with a club' Joxu offered. 

'Hmm this text is shaped like the language we use, only the words don't make
any sense' Wermo added.  'aye! so it seems, lets see hmm that word could be
the .. so this letter would correspond to t and this would be h....' Pahvi
started to descramble.  After hours of vigorous descrambling ( and Joxu
hitting things with blunt objects ) the letter was finally decrypted. 

The letter seemed to be from someone who was hiding and had sent this letter
to an ally before it was intercepted by our merry band of adventurers. The
content seemed to be  a cry for help, and at the end there was a riddle. The
answer to this riddle would be the secret password that was needed to get to
the secret room the person writing this letter was hiding in. 

The next few hours went smoothly with three of them running around the dark
orc inhabited caves underneath the paupers castle shouting the answer to the
riddle. The one room of the cave had mystic runes carved into the walls, but
uttering the password in that room had no visible effect on anything, nor did
the bashing of the runes with the large bludgeons that Joxu wielded. 

Then after few painstaking hours of thinking they finally got the solution to
the problem infact the letter was not crypted, it was merely a language bit
different from ours.. so aparently the answer had to be uttered in the
original form ... 

So finally the mystery was solved, the band of happy bandits uttered the magic
words and were transportet in to a secret chamber. The chamber was truly
magical, where else could you se woven frescoes on the walls ? omg!

But they had very little time to look around, as the house-sized demon
occupying the room caught their full attention. 'You must have killed the
messenger' the abomination murmurred. 'Er, more like um .. just wounded it a
bit.. err.' was Wermo able to say. Next thing he knew that he was knee deep in
swamp and had no idea how did he get there. 

After getting home and confering with the spirit of the bottle, the warriors
decided to go back and show that devil who was who. ( At this point the devil
was somewhat puny and small in their memories, and Joxu clearly remembered it
using crutches and a weelchair ). So the group jumped into their favorit
supple maroon trousers and head for the Paupers castle  once again.

Back through the horrible dungeons the party marched singing vigorously of
songs including lotsa hitting and bashing of things both alive and not with
large pieces of furniture, variable range of weapons, small amount of dwarves,
plants, trees, rocks and pieces of small furry animals.

They got to the runed room and took the formation, Joxu was first as usual,
next came Pahvi and last Wermo. first Joxu entered the room, next was Pahvi
and then came Wermo, they had lead rings worn before so the demon could just
not banish em on entrance again. Once they got to the room the siege started,
roaring horribly Joxu hitted the demon on the chest with all his might, Pahvi
started immediately healing him, and Wermo begun to utter words of frightful

After minutes of raging battle with the demon, that apparently did not need
crutches nor a weelchair, the boys begun to wear out .. 'WIMPY WIMPY
AARGGHH!!!' suggested Joxu. 'WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE BUHUHUHUUU'  Pahvi added.
'Wimpy where??' said Wermo, looking more than big nervous. It had turned out
that the room they had entered, had no apparrent exit. And the time for the
adventurers to find one was begginning to run out as the demon dug its way
through the once so large body of Joxu.

Needles to say, within next 10 seconds the whole party departed from the
earthly domain, and after bit of thinking and begging the local clerics for
resurrection the party decided not to go there again. Atleast not tonight, for
they should not forget the humiliation the devil had caused them. There would
be revenge. But thats another story.