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Library: The Official BatMUD Drow to English Dictonary


Author: Poet
Date:Oct 7 1997

Official BatMUD Drow to English Dictonary

- A -
abban           ally, not-enemy
abbil           comrade, trusted friend
akh             band, group
alur            better, superior
alurl           best, foremost
alust           in front, facing, in the forefront

- B -
bauth           around, about
bautha          dodge, to dodge
belaern         wealth, coinage, treasure
belbau          to give
belbol          gift
bol             item, thing (unknown, unidentified,
                mysterious, or imporant)
brorn           suprise
brorna          suprises

- C -
cahallin        food (produce or harvest, including
                raid-spoils, but not hunted game or
colbauth        path, known way

- D -
dal             from
darthiir        faeries, surface elves, traitors
del             of
doeb            out
dobluth         outcast
dos             you
dosst           yours
dosstan         yourself
draa            two
drada           second
dro             life, alive

- E -
elgg            kill, slay, destroy
elghinn         death
elamshin        detiny, he will of lolth
elend           usual, traditional
elendar         continue, continued, continuing,

- F -
faer            magic
faerl           magical
faerbol         magical item
faern           wizards, magic-worker (of either
                sex, any race)

- G -
gol             goblin
golhyrr         trick, ruse, trap
goln            goblins

- H -
harl            down, under, below
haszak          illithid (mind flayer)
haszakkin       illithids
honglath        clear thinking, calm, bravery,
                good behavior

- I -
iblith          offal, excrement, carrion (oath)
ilharn          patron (of House; title)
ilhar           mother, to mother (to give give
                birth to young - not to comfort
                or rear)
ilharess        matron (of House; title)
ilharessen      matrons
ilindith        aim, goal, hoped-for event
inth            plan,stratagem, scheme
inthigg         agreement, treaty
izil            as

- J -
jabbuk          master (male in charge of some
                task or office; rank or title)
jal             all
jees            yes
jivvin          fun, play (amusing cruelty,
                "animal spirits")

- K -
khaless         trust (especially misplaced or
kulg            snag, hitch, blockage (wo will,
                or actual - e.g. debris in a
                shaft or passage)
kulggen         deliberate rampart, shield, or
                other barrier
kyone           alert/alertly, wary/warily,
kyorl           watch, wait, guard
kyorlin         watching, waiting, guarding

- L -
lil             the
llar            three
llarnbuss       third
lueth           and
luth            cast, throw, hurl

- M -
maglust         apart, alone
malla           honered (term of respect)
mrimm           guide, key, inspiration
mzild           more

- N -
nau             no
natha           a
nind            they, them, their, theirs
nindyn          those
noamuth         wanderer, lost, unknown

- O -
obsul           opening, door, gap or chink
ogglin          rival, opponent, enemy (active;
                all creatures are considered
                potential ogglin)
olist           caution, stealth
oloth           darkness (utter natural darkness
                or magical darkness)
orbb            spider
orthae          holy, sacred

- P -
phalar          grave, battle-marker
phindar         monster, dangerous being (especially
                a non-intelligent creature)
pholor          on, upon
phuul           are
plynn           take, seize

- Q -
qua'laely       disagreement, argument, confrontation
                (not yet open conflict)
quarth          order (exercise of authorith)
quarvalsharess  goddess (Lolth; other goddesses are
quarthen        ordered, commanded
qu'ellar        House (titled noble family)

- R -
ragar           find, discover, uncover
rath            back
ratha           backs
rathrae         behind
rivvil          human
rivvin          humans

- S -
sargh           confidence in weapons, battle-might,
                strength-at-arms, valor
sargtlin        (drow) warrior
sarn!           beware! warning!
sreen           danger
ssinssrigg      passion, lust, greed, longing, love
streea          suicide, death in the service of Lolth,
                a House, or a community
streeaka        reckless(ness), fearless(ness)
ssussun         light, brightness

- T -
taga            than
talinth         think, consider
thalra          meet, encounter
talthalra       meeting, council, parley
thalack         war, open fighting
thalackz'hind   raid, attack from afar
tlu             be, to be
tuth            both

- U -
ul-Ilindith     destiny
ultrin          supreme, highest, conqueror ("ultrine"
                when applide to Lolth only)
ultrinnan       conquering, victory, to win or prevail
ulu             to
uss             one
usstan          this one (self, I)
usstil          one in my place
ust             first

- V -
valsharess      queen
veldrin         shadows, concealment afforded by varying
velkyn          unseen, hidden, invisible
vel'uss         who
velve           blade (dagger, knife, sword)

- W -
wael            fool
waela           foolish, unaware/unwary
wun             in
wund            among, within, into

- X -
xal             may, might, perhaps
xun             do, to complete or accomplish
xund            striving, effort, work
xundus          doing, achievement, work completed or
                manifested in some concrete result

- Y -
yath            temple, of the temple (property, work,
                or decree)
yathrin         (drow) priestess
yathtallar      high priestess
yorn            power/will/servant-creature of the
                Goddess (Lolth)

- Z -
zhah            is
z'har           ride
zhaun           to learn, to know
zhaunil         learning, wisdom, knowledge
z'hin           walk
z'hind          trip, journet, expedition
z'orr           climb
z'ress          power, strength, force, dominance
                (especially of the will - i.e. success
                in manipulation)

Some common Drow phrases:

Jal khaless zhah waela.
All trust is Foolish.

Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin.
Darkness is both friend and enemy.

Xun izil dos phuul quarthen, lueth dro.
Do as you are ordered , and live.

Lolth tlu malla; jal ultrinnan zhah xundus.
Lolth be praised; all victory is her doing.

Ilharessen zhaunil alurl.
(Matron) Mothers know best.

Lil alurl velve zhah lil velkyn uss.
The best knife is the unseen one.

Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna -
  lueth wund nind, kyorlin elghinn.
The follish and unwary find suprises -
  and among them, waiting death.

Khaless nau uss mzild taga dosstan.
Trust no one more than yourself.

Nindyn vel'uss kyorl nind ratha thalra
  elghinn dal lil alust.
Those who watch their backs meet death
  from the front.

Ulu z'hin maglust dal Qu'ellar lueth
  Valsharess zhah ulu s'hin wund lil phalar.
To walk apart from House and Queen
  is to walk into the grave.

Kyorl jal bauth, kyone, lueth lil Quarvalsharess
  xal belbau dos lil belbol del elendar dro.
Watch all about, warilt, and the Goddess may give
  you the gift of continued life.

Vel'uss zhaun alur taga lil Quarvalsharess?
who knows better than the Goddess?