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Library: The Pack: In the Beginning


Author: Ca
Date:Sep 26 1998

In the Beginning, when civilization was new, an evil immortal took advantage
of the mortal naietivity and enslaved hundreds of slaves.  But after years of
rough treatment, they revolted and stormed her.  But just before she died, she
gave them a curse.  She said, "May your hair grow long and grey.  May your
teeth sharpen to fangs.  May your ears become pointed.  May you become the
monsters you are!"  After she died, the slaves did change.  The turned more
beatial and as the generations went on, the slaves became more Wolf like.  And
so began the Wolfman race.

But the humans and their cousins were less than pleased about the new lokook. 
They were banned from all humanoid settlements.  Any seen in one would be
hunted down and killed.  But their fear and hatred went beyond that when they
made hunting parties to hunt down and slaughter all Wolfmen.  The Wolfmen had
to flee to deeper jungles to remain safe from the hunters blade and arrow. 
Years later, the Wolfmen were thought to be extinct, and indeed, only a
handful remained.  But they survived and prospered in the deep jungle, but at
the cost of their remaining humanity.

Then, a decade later, a Wolfman was hired to slaughter the Catfolk prince,
Chester.  And so began the war against the Catfolk and Wolfmen.  But other
things were also happening.  The Orcs were becoming violent to the pact the
Elves made with them.  they soon swarmed over and began a bloodbath so
horrendous it was removed from Elven history.   The humans aided the Elves
while the sub humans (ogres, goblin, kobolds, cyclops) sided with the Orcs. 
The Catfolk joined the humans, so everybody assumed that the Wolfmen were
sided with the Orcs...and they were.  Throughout the war, the Wolfmen exacted
a revenge on the Humanoids for their crime againt their race.  Hundreds of
Humans, Elves and their allies fell at the brutal claws of the Wolfmen.  All
looked bleak for the Elves.

But then, from the ashes, rose a band of Wolfmen who no longer hungered for
revenge.  Lead by a courageous Wolfman named K-9, a team of the best Wolfmen
warriors turned on the Sub Humans and drove them back.  They hunted down
raiding parties and wiped them out.  They were the original Pack.  The ones
who turned against their superiors and beat them back.  In the end, the
Wolfmen were finally accepted as equals and over the centuries, they have
become more civilized.  All because of one man and his Pack!