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Library: The story of a fisherman


Author: Marlor
Date:May 12 1997

Once upon a time, there was a young fisherman. The man sailed the seas
with his boats, and fished for his living. One winter, the catch was poor
and the man was getting hungry. He landed to some remote beach and set for
the inner land in the hope of finding something to eat. He didn't have to 
walk for a long time, before he found other humans. They were camping near 
a valley, and roasting something. The fisherman approached and greeted the 
people, who received him as one of their own and offered him food. This is
their story:

'We are from the cult of ice, we worship the winter, coldness and all that is
ice. We are good people, but were thrown out of our homes by an evil ice
dragon, Stifsim. We couldn't be charmed by it's gaze so we had to choose
between death or exile. Some of us didn't give up and still fight in the 
icy tunnels to get our righteous home back. Our queen Araas was the most 
kind lady in the past, but influenced by Stifsim, she became wicked.
Her former fiancee is still there, trying to win the trust of Araas so 
he can get her out of Stifsim's influence. I'm afraid that he and his loyal
followers may fail and our destiny is doomed.'

The fisherman thought, that he should help these poor people,
but didn't know how. Best thing he could do was to spread the story,
so perhaps some valiant heroes would go and slay the evil dragon. 
That how I heard this story, and that's why I'm telling it to you.