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Library: The Tale of the Eternal Newbie


Author: Grifter
Date:Nov 2 1995

     Running a hand through my hair I sighed and looked at the group of kids
surrounding me. All of them younger than I, and all more dangerous. Laughing,
they asked me once more, "Why aren't you more powerful Grif? You're older than
all of us." I sighed and picking up my cup of coffee, I related this tale, for
what I prayed would be the last time.
   (Note: Excerpts of the following tale have appeared in Grifter's plan
before, but have never been published as a complete work)

It was the fall of 1994 and the cold winds of winter had just begun to advance
unto that Wyrm ridden lair of what is known as Stevens Institute of Technology
in Hoboken New Jersey.  There a valiant Garou by the name of Grifter D'Erisian
began his fight against its corruption. His potential was spotted quickly by
Duke who called upon the group known as The Rangers to take Grifter into their
fold. There Grifter quickly learned the skills needed for survival under
Stellar.  Stellar was one of those who believed that the path to true strength
is one of self. Therefore after giving Grifter a place of shelter and some
brief instructions, he let Grifter find his own way though the dark and
mysterious world he had entered.
But  the task was too great, and ultimately Grifter failed. His master could
offer no guidance, for after being betrayed by a loved one, took his own life,
and was no more.  Despondant and alone, Grifter followed his master's steps
and prayed for death.  But it was not to be.  As he lay dying, he was overcome
by the desire to continue the fight..and became reborn.  Alone now as he was
then, he continues the fight...slowly. For the desire to fight is fraught with
frustration and apathy.  And it is not something he can bear always.

(short version: Created a char in 1994 while in Steven's Tech. Suicided my
char a few months later after I got extremely pissed off at a conversion. Came
back, because I'm just an addict to the net. Played for awhile, got bored
again. Playing again sorta now, but am busy in RL. So that is why I'm older
than dirt, but still low level."  Have fun kids.