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Library: The Three Trolls and A Goat


Author: Tap
Date:Nov 7 2002


Once upon a time, there were three savage trolls, who lived happy but hard
life by raiding their neighbourhood. There was a tiny healer troll, wich was
the wisest and always leader of the raidinh party. The second was middle-sized
ranger troll, who could find the easiest way to the nearest
village-raid-to-be. Then then was the HUGE barbarian berserker troll, who
could smash village huts with one mighty pound of his hammer.

One day, when the tiny troll had lead his party more far than ever, trolls
came across with a bridge over a stream. Under the bridge lived a great ugly
Goat, with eyes as big as saucers, and twisted horns as long as a sabres. 

First of all over the bridge came the tiny healer troll.  Trip, trap! Trip,
trap! went the bridge.  .Who's that tripping over my bridge?. roared the
fearsome Goat.  .Oh, it is only I, the tiniest healer Troll. I'm going to
cross the bridge and go to the next village to heal the sick.. said the Troll,
with such a small voice! I told you this troll was wise!

.Now I'm coming to push you off my bridge,. said the goat.  .Oh no, pray don't
take me. I'm too little, that I am, no match for you O`mighty Goat. said the
tiny Troll. "Wait a bit till the second troll comes; he's much bigger.. .Well
be off with you,. roared the Goat.   A little later up came the second troll
to cross the bridge.  Trip, trap! Trip, trap! Trip, trap! went the bridge. 
.Who's that tripping over my bridge?" roared the goat.  "Oh, it's a second
troll, and I'm just crossing you bridge to find my poor companion, who seems
to be lost. I`m a Ranger you see.," said the troll with small but not tiny
voice. What a cunning ranger!

.Now I'm coming to push you off my bridge,. said the Goat.  "Oh no, don't
challenge me. Wait a little till the big troll comes. He's much bigger. I`m no
match for you."   Just then up came the HUGE Troll. Trip, trap! Trip, trap!
Trip, trap! Trip, trap! went the bridge. This troll was so heavy that the
bridge creaked and groaned under him. 

.Who's that tramping over my bridge?. roared the goat in rage.  .It's I! the
big berserk troll,. said the Barbarian Troll. He had not a tiny, not even
small, but a loud ugly hoarse voice.  .Now I'm coming to knock you off my
bridge!" roared the goat from under the bridge.  .Ha! All right then..,
answered Troll, .I'm the Great Barbarian Troll! Come up, you sissy, and we'll
see who will do the knocking!' Maddened by anger, the Goat climbed over the
bridge, lowered his head and tried to butt the Troll over the bridge with his
mighty curved horns.

The berserk-troll grabbed Goat by his horns. Then he hit Goat-head against the
bridge some fifty times. After that the biggest troll tortured the
not-so-mighty-anymore- Goat, and while the bad goat was still alive, ate his
liver. Satisfied, the big troll tossed Goat over the edge to the stream and
carried on merrily to his fellow trolls. 

The Goat was never seen again. 

With the cunningness of the ranger troll and the with the wisdom of the healer
troll, the party came up with a profitable plan. They set barbarian troll to
every bridge of the Bat-realm to collect toll from innocent travellers. And
even today one must pay a heavy toll when crossing one of those bridges or
face the wrath of ther guardian troll. And even today this clever party is
making out well and fattening their bellies in their own home cave.