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Library: The truth


Author: Firefox
Date:Mar 3 1996

A certain former immortal who shall remain Aaleji wrote a book about my trials
and tribulations with a dragon named tiamat. At best we can call his acount
fiction. Here is the truth.

In my days of mortality, back in the spring of 1991, Tiamat and
I had a wonderful hate-hate relationship going. Back in the old 
world there were only 19 levels, and in order to become immortal
one had to either kill Tiamat - by far the most feared monster
in the old world, or spend 200+ task points. Task points back
then were EARNED, not bought. 

Goon made the 'Tiamat quest', Zonni maintained it. Some say
Goon and Zonni were one and the same, but such digressions
shall be left to another tome. Tiamat was best faced with a
quest fashion blade, made from the parts of Tiamat's dragon
guards bodies. A foot, a head, tooth, claw, and tail, place
them in the sacred fountain on the night the gate opened and
the blade was yours.

That just gave you a slightly better chance.

I faced Tiamat 7 times. 1 time a teleportation device fumbled,
and I was in the heart of Tiamat's lair with nothing to 
properly mount a defense or offense. Another time overzealous
party members destroyed the quest-bladed with a misplaced 

Neither time was it my choice to face Tiamat without the
fabled 'Tiamatslayer'. Never was I so brazen as to not be 
without fear facing the Dragon Queen.

How does the battle end each time? Seven valiant efforts,
seven unsatisfying draws. Neither Tiamat nor I could claim
a kill. In that I consider myself somewhat victorious.
The Heart of Tiamat eluded me, but Tiamat never tasted my
blood either.