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Library: The Truth Behind the Fiction, an Appendix.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995

Table of Contents:

1) 'A Grand Mystery, The First of The Puzzles.'
2) 'A Slice of Bat History'
3) 'And so it Begins, A Lost Times Tale.'
4) 'Dragons, Pride, and Understanding, an Allegorical Tale.'
5) 'Guardians and AntiGuardians, a history of Player Unions at Batmud.'
6) 'How To Read My Books, an Appendix.'
7) 'Names, Windows to our Souls.'
8) 'Navigating the Outworld, an Easy Guide to the Batmap.gif'
9) 'Power has its Price, A Lost Times Tale.'
10) 'The Beginner's Guide to the BatMUD News System'
11) 'The Crimson Brigade Handbook'
12) 'The Dream, A Lost Times Tale.'
13) 'The Master Merchant, A Legend of Batmud.'
14) 'The Rise of Magic, The first of the Lost Times tales.'
15) 'The Tale of the Unfortunate Newbie'
16) 'Trees and the Nature of Forgiveness, an Allegorical Tale.'

A Grand Mystery, The First of The Puzzles.

If you think I am going to talk about this book, you are insane.  
Suffice to say, I did not design it to be easy to solve.

A Slice of Bat History

A Slice is my attempt to bring a bit of old bat to you.  It is 
fairly self-explanatory.

And so it Begins, A Lost Times Tale.

My thanks to my partner in crime, Zia, for making this book happen.  
We were playing "tell me a story" when she typoed, and asked me to 
tell her a store.  From at small cue, I just sorta rolled with the 
idea of store as story.  The result was this story, which I cleaned 
up for book format.  The story itself is pure fiction, a possible 
history of the start of Bat's shopping center, as it were.  The 
actions in the intro are true, we were aboard my ship at the time, 
and you should all know who the characters are.

Dragons, Pride, and Understanding, an Allegorical Tale.

This story is an allegory, open to many interpretations.  It was 
inspired by real characters, in a particularly unfortunate 
situation.  Unfortunately, the one character who was involved, the 
Fire-nettle, never did quite get my meaning, perhaps I was a bit too 
cryptic.  Then again, the story is intended to invoke thought on the 
part of the reader, and if, after reading this, you find some useful 
meaning from it, I am glad.

Guardians and AntiGuardians, a history of Player Unions at Batmud.

One of my textbooks, it stands alone.

How To Read My Books, an Appendix.

This is an appendix, like this book.  A simple companion to my 
writings, it also stands alone.

Names, Windows to our Souls.

My first "interview" book, and perhaps not my last.  Beware when I 
ask you a strange question, you may find yourself in print...
(in case you are wondering, all excerpts are used with permission.  
Not one person refused my request to use it.)

Navigating the Outworld, an Easy Guide to the Batmap.gif

Another textbook, at the time of this writing, it is in need of some 
updating, Unsure of when I shall get to doing it.

Power has its Price, A Lost Times Tale.

Ahh, Power...  This is the true tale of Apocalipsis and his ultimate 
price for power.  The fiction in the story is fairly obvious, but 
the event, Apocalipsis's fall from the world, is actually preserved 
in my Slice of History.  Read it carefully, Tiamat does indeed cause 
his doom.  For the particularly industrious, it is said that 
Apocalipsis's grave exists, and if you care for it, you may be 

The Beginner's Guide to the BatMUD News System

Another textbook, if you do not know how to use the news system, it 
may be of use to you.  (of course, if you could not guess this from 
the title you are...uh... slow... ;)

The Crimson Brigade Handbook

Maybe useful for crimsons of all ages.  New members, a must-read, 
older members, give it a whirl, it may yet be of use.

The Dream, A Lost Times Tale.

Ahh the Dream.  This story is based upon an old old area, one that 
existed in my very newbie days, so long ago.  Morpheus was real, and 
still lives to this day.  Many thanks to Goatlord, without whom, I 
never would have thought of this story.  We were playing "tell me a 
story" and he chose "Dreams..." as his topic.  I tried to tell him 
that it was too broad, no way could I come up with one for this, and 
in fact, I typoed the tell message, and as I was retyping it, I 
remembered Morpheus' thing leads to another, and poof, 
the story was born.  The area is as it is described here, preserved 
with a high degree of accuracy.  For more information on the truth 
behind this fiction, type "help pantheon".

The Master Merchant, A Legend of Batmud.

A tribute to a great player who may never again grace our ranks.  
There is an explanation at the end, please read this one thoroughly.

The Rise of Magic, The first of the Lost Times tales.

Ahh, my Rise.  This is my flagship, the story upon which I spent the 
most time, and I believe that it shows, if in no other way, in terms 
of sheer length.  Don't sit down to read this one unless you have 
some time to read through it.  The story is pure fiction that is 
based on real events.  To give you an idea of timescale, the very 
end of the book is an account of events that occurred over three 
years ago.

The Tale of the Unfortunate Newbie

This sprang from who knows where.  On gms(the fighter guildline) 
someone asked me to tell a story, and someone had just mentioned 
that he or she was waiting for his or her "favorite 4 monsters to 
reset".  Well, that was all the cue I needed, and out came this 
story, as a series of GMS's.  I liked it so much that I kept it in a 
file, and cleaned it up later to be used as a book.  Personally, I 
think it's funny as hell.  ;)

Trees and the Nature of Forgiveness, an Allegorical Tale.

Another allegorical tale.  Although written, as was Dragons, for a 
specific situation, I believe that there are themes that go beyond 
the scope of the story itself.  I hope that it perhaps provides you 
with some insight.

As more books come online, I will keep updating this one with liner 
notes.  If you see a book online that is not in here, and the book 
was online for over two weeks, give me hell about it.  I know 
myself, and I will slack if left to my own devices.  

At any rate, there you have it, the truth behind the fiction.