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Library: The Zuma - Story of Daniel


Author: Nuane
Date:Sep 20 2002

It wasn't exactly a matter of course that Graun could persuade Daniel to
accept the mission. There was many details that made him shudder and have
doubts of his safety. But after all, he desperately needed the gold. Or not
the gold itself, but the acceptance of the Master, which could only be
accomplished by actually showing some of his fortune.

It all started when he was on a fishing trip with Graun and his sister Dorothy
on a beautiful cloudless day. The catch was starting to look quite promising
and they were in a good mood, still laughing about Dorothy's small
misunderstanding. She thought that Graun was actually going to marry that
disgusting old witch living near his fathers house. One day when the witch,
named Z'glema, came to see Graun about some herb business, he was loudly
making fun of her with Dorothy without noticing Z'glema's entry. He got very
embarrassed and almost scared, but Z'glema just mumbled something nondescript
and slammed the door behind her.

So, they were enjoying their fishing and telling stories. Rumours say that
Master's presence is extremely hard to notice without learning the Zuma - way
of consideration, directly from him. Therefor, they all got very scared when
they saw the Master in the eyes of a perch Graun catched. The ground vibrated
slightly and suddenly the Master was in front of them, in form of a human
being. A strong-looking, tall male human being.

The Master stood stock-still and said calmly: "Daniel, I know what you are."

Daniel couldn't move his legs. He was sweating like a pig and his nervousness
could be seen from a mile away. Meanwhile, Graun and Dorothy were pretending
not to exist, but the Master didn't seem to be interested of them anyway.

"I know what you could become. I can't force you to do anything, that would be
against the nature of Zuma. But if you join me as a servant, I can provide you
unlimited amount of euphoria, happiness and satisfaction channelled through
me. You are my best choice, but unfortunately nobody is perfect enough,
therefor you have to prove yourself."

The Master handed Daniel a ragged scroll and continued: "Read it. Understand
it. If you accept my offer, you won't have to do anything, I will find you."

Suddenly he was gone, leaving a thin mist around the confused youngsters.
After making sure they were alone, Daniel unwrapped the scroll and started
reading it aloud. When he finished reading, Graun stood up yelling: "You have
to do it! What are you waiting for? You'll never get a chance like that in
your life again!" Daniel was pretty quiet, occasionally mumbling about
possible dangers, and after a while he stood up and walked away from the lake
without a word.

Weeks passed by. Despite of Graun's self-assurance, Dorothy was very worried
of Daniel, she was sure that he is either in great danger doing his mission or
maybe mentally dying for not accepting the task at all, who knows. They
visited Daniel's house, in vain. Daniel's mother, Silvia, cooked them a dinner
and while eating together they carefully discussed about the situation.

Dorothy was angry at Graun for pressing him towards the mission but Silvia
managed to keep herself calm enough. "I've lost my faith. He is not coming
back and we all should realize it. God bless him, where ever he is, whatever
might he be doing.", Silvia stated sadly. Dorothy and Graun could only shake
their heads in sorrow...

It was a coldish autumn evening when the sky exploded to bright but pale
nuances of brown and yellow. Dorothy was watering plants in her garden behind
their house and she almost fell to the ground when her eyes and mind filled
with the phenomenal colours. When she regained her consciousness, which
happened much faster than she propably realized, she yelled: "GRAUN! Graun!
Get yourself here NOW!" Graun was already on his way. They sat together next
to a rose bush and silently stared the sky as an image of Daniel started to

"What the...", Dorothy started, but the booming voice from high above
disturbed her: "Don't be afraid. The mission was a success. The Master kept
his word, words could not describe the feeling in my heart. I just wish you
could forgive me the fear I caused."

Graun was totally muddled and stuttered: "Uh oh, I was right after all..."

Sometimes things happen in a very peculiar manner. Daniel's mission was not to
slay a dragon or rob a village. Actually all he had to do was refuse to gamble
with a servant of the Master. It was a test of his discipline, mental wealth,
the golden content of his heart, everything Zuma was about. And he passed

...ascending to godhood.