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Library: All about Piiki


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Sep 26 1996

Foreword:  "Piiki", pronounced "pee-key", is the petname for a high-level
network official.  Some background info on Piiki can be found in "Network hits
Finland".  I do my best to express this in English.

* Birth *
Piiki was born to an unknown family, as an unwanted family.  The child was
given to an orphange, and lived a pretty ordinary life originally.  Piiki saw
everyone else adopted from the orphanage by age six or so, but wasn't.  This
made Piiki feel some hatred toward the "lucky" kids who were adopted earlier. 
Eventually, Piiki too was adopted, but that comes much later. B'cos Piiki was
adopted to the same family that my kid came from, and this family was very
abusive toward its children, physically, mentally, and such.  Note that this
was, however, long before Annie even was born, however, so at the time that
Piiki was adopted Annie would not be born until Piiki was 12-13 years old, or
about 5 years later.  

* Meeting *
So Piiki-chan was a kid at another house in my neighborhood as I was being
raised.  My parents had advised me that that family (Piiki's) was very mean,
and should not be gotten near, even if they did have a kid my age.  In grade
school, Piiki was a withdrawn, lonely, and maladjusted kid who could not seem
to get along with others very well.  The teacher once called the police when
Piiki came to school with welts and bruises on his body, but I don't think
much came of that.  Shortly after, Piiki stopped going to school altogether. 
So for a year, I didn't see the kid.

Once, with Mika, I was playing tag and she had gone over a fence into Piiki's
family's yard, so I followed her.  Piiki's family was trying to have a
barbacue, but for some reason only the older siblings and the parents were
I chased Mika around their yard a little bit, but an older guy (Piiki's "dad")
looked very miffed and upset at us, started trying to catch either of us so we
freaked out and went back over the fence.  Mika and I played for a while more,
but eventually got tired, and then she dared me to go back into Piiki's
family's yard, and we decided to both go in at the same time.  This time the
barbacue was over, so we just silently looked around.  Mika and I both heard
muffled noises coming from a tool shed in the near corner of the yard, so we
eventually forced it open and out comes Piiki, totally freaked out.  Piiki had
long hair, kinda ripped-up clothing, overalls and such, brown eyes.  I don't
remember how long, but Mika and I argued about whose "he" was, Piiki got
between us and forced us apart, then said "she" was a girl and jumped the
fence and ran.  So Mika and I played tag again, caught Piiki, and took Piiki
back to Mika's house, since her parents didn't care what she did.  

* Talking with Piiki *
So Piiki seemed very iffy, Mika and I had "escorted" the strange kid into her
room, and she closed her door and sat next to it so Piiki wouldn't escape. 
Eventually Piiki lightened up and was less scared of the two of us, and since
Piiki was very hungry he ate a lot of Mika's mom's snacks and such.  Then
Piiki started crying for "mommy" and "daddy" and ran away from us, back to his
own family.  Both Mika and I were rather confused as to why Piiki would want
to go back to that family and be mistreated.

* Part 2 *
Mika was away for a while, and with my parents so busy I got so bored in a
neighborhood with few kids my age.  At night, I would sneak around, looking at
the open windows and lights and such, and I remember seeing Piiki's family's
house, which was always very loud, and often had many older people coming and
going.  So one night I attached myself to an older guy who was too spaced out
to know what was going on and followed him inside the house, and then started
looking around for Piiki's room.  This was not too hard, I eventually found a
locked door and heard distinctive crying from it.  The door was held shut by
one of those baby clip-locks on the upper part of the door, so I just undid
that and then went in.  So there was Piiki, huddled in one corner and crying
again, I went over to Piiki and heard someone mumble something from behind the
door and shut and lock it again.  I kicked Piiki to stop him from crying, and
then talked with Piiki, asked why that one time, why go back to family after
all that abuse.  Piiki would insist that his mother and father did not abuse
Piiki, but it was the older siblings that would.  I opened up Piiki's window
and cut away most of the screen, then ordered Piiki to come and play with me,
and we did for a few hours and finally Piiki's parents drove back and crashed
the party at Piiki's house.

To me, Piiki's parents seemed like ordinary, normal parents, only that they
had too many kids.  There was a mass exodus of people away from the house, and
after that Piiki and I listened inside Piiki's house as the dad went berserk
and tried to beat up on the older kids for having the party to punish them. 
Piiki seemed to be smiling.  Piiki's mom asked if it was okay if Piiki spend
the night with me, and I said yes (kinda backwards?  Piiki's is a strange,
uncontrolled family) so Piiki went home with me in my bed.  In the morning my
parents wanted to know who that kid was sleeping with me, and I said that was
Piiki and that Piiki's dad was so upset and beating up on the other kids after
they'd had a party in his house that Piiki's momm had asked if Piiki could
stay over here, my mom just nodded and said okay.  Eventually after a while
Piiki's mom called and asked if Piiki was okay to my mom, my mom said "she"
(Piiki) was just fine, and no, Piiki didn't misbehave, so after that Piiki
went back home.

So Piiki would come over to my house every once in a while and we would do
things together, see movies, go shopping, etc. 

Piiki's parents were very strict.  Anytime Piiki did anything even slightly
wrong, Piiki's parents would punish.  So Piiki was doing the best any kid
could to stay away from parents and be near Mika and I more often.