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Library: Title Revealed, an Answer.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995


  To solve this book, you must be some sort of weirdo, I fear.  At 
any rate, this is what you needed to realize.  1:  Names are 
important.  (hence the title of the book, mentions names, and yet in 
the story, not a single one is mentioned.  You ought have known 
something was up right there.)  2: There are some weird phrases in 
the book, wonder why...  then, you take a look at them and notice 
something... There are a few words that have something in common...  
They are all names of old Atari 2600 games.  Many of them.  So.  You 
see that there are lots of Atari games, and you figure out that the 
Master is Yari and that the pretender is Yar...  And you think 
Yar...Hmm... Yar's Revenge was a kick ass Atari game, and hmm, sure 
looks like a good title!  Woo Hoo, "Yar's Revenge"!  And collect 
your 100,000 gold coins.

A little too late, I realized that this book is only solveable by 
Atari freaks, which is primarily white american males age 23-29 or 
so.  Pretty limited.  Ah well, I still liked writing it, and I hope 
that you still liked reading it.  As an extra credit excercise, if 
you are the first person to mail me the list of all seventeen(I 
think, maybe more) games referred to, you'll get some nice prize, I 
havent decided what yet.  You have 1 week to do this, starting...

EET time is Sat Oct 14 07:53:44 1995

Here is a transcript of all the mails and tells I got about this 

Jacinth tells you 'you have a particular title in mind, or will
 you choose the
 best one?'
> tell jacinth particular title.  it has one, you just need to figure it out
You tell Jacinth 'particular title.  it has one, you just need to figure it
Jacinth tells you 'ok.  I think I know who the pretender is too :)'
> tell jacinth who?
You tell Jacinth 'who?'
> Jacinth tells you 'yar?'

Webworm tells you 'well, nice story :)'
Webworm tells you 'clearly references to a number of bat areas: graveyard, ant
 hill, crystal castle, pit... (if the last two are areas)'
Webworm tells you 'and bat events: meteors... hmm! :)'
Webworm tells you 'not yet, maybe i should visit the graveyard ... it's been a
 long time since i've been there...'
Webworm tells you 'there are a string of races mentioned throughout'
Webworm tells you 'from phoenix, zombie, cyclops, to gnoll'
Webworm tells you 'seems likely that shapeshifters may be an event, or clones
 more likely perhaps'
Webworm tells you 'most probably the title is in those magic words, and i have
 to figure out the encryption key'
[These are the words to Banish Spell, nothing more]

From: Timetress
Subject: New Puzzle
Date:    Fri Sep 29 04:39:07 1995
To: yari
Cc: timey

It's a great story.  Even though i've never read a steven king novel i loved
the story you wrote.  Keep up the good work.

Mailreader 16-17 (type 'help' for help) ? 17
From: Finaldey
Subject: The name of the book is Yari's Caddliac.
Date:    Fri Sep 29 23:27:58 1995
To: Yari

Not that simple, huh? Ok. Just trying my luck.

See ya.

From: Hablo
Subject: The puzzle
Date:    Sat Sep 30 15:57:06 1995
To: yari

Nice story. Strange task. My answer is coming soon. Guess it has something to
do with tomb or grave...
Hablo the Dwarf that looks very much like a hobbit. In fact he might just beo

Mailreader 16-17 (type 'help' for help) ? 17
From: Hablo
Subject: Answer
Date:    Sat Sep 30 16:01:42 1995
To: yari

No, nothing to do with graves or tombs. My answer is: Two Dead Men.
Wont bug you anymore. Be seeing you

From: Aaleji
Subject: Facts that have to be sifted...
Date:    Tue Oct  3 21:57:34 1995
To: yari

Important facts, numbered in sequence from the story.  Facts with a 'x' have
dismissed as irrelevant.

05) Going to the graveyard first.
08) The METEOR event is running.
16) They are going to the ant hill.
18) They will go to the crystal castle.
19) Looking for new leggings (hint to Baal?)
21) The pretender's name is similar to the lord's.
22) The pretender is in the Crimson Brigade.
23) The pretender has "external similarities" to the lord.
25) The issue is "your own space."  (referring to the lord's, I think)
27) There is a fallen tree in the road.
28) The lord is a cyclops, or at least has cyclops strength.
31) *KABOOM* and explosion. (Minesweeper!)
33) They went hard right on a road over a hill
35) They vere off the road, through a break in the forest, down a hill.
37) The break in the forest narrows.
38) The hill gets steeper.
40) Jumped at the nearest break in the trees.
41) Falling...
42) Light dark light dark...dark. (Chessboard?)
43) Lots of undergrowth where he lands.
46) Crawls to the end of the undergrowth.
47) An enormous pitfall!  Long and deep.
50) The original story is "Dolan's Cadillac" by Stephen King.

x 01) Again, the master is angry.
x 02) He rolls in like a thundercloud.
x 03) He rises like a phoenix from the ashes.
x 04) They are going to the usual haunts.
x 06) He has respects to pay at the graveyard.
x 07) Clearing the throat is "one of their signs."
x 09) Recently met with warlords.
x 10) Last joust result unexpected.
x 11) Hated unpleasant surprises (the lord)
x 12) "Combat!"
x 13) Three zombies die.
x 14) The carriage is Mithril reinforce oak.
x 15) The carriage is quite defensible.
x 17) They will try to kill the giant centipede.
x 20) There is a pretender who was assassinated.
x 24) The lord does not like to use force/kill things.
x 26) "Blast!"
x 29) The driver is a gnoll.
x 30) The driver/gnoll was rescued from a ghoul attack by the lord.
(There are more facts that I've discarded, but you get the point)

Aaleji tells you 'I've been sorting through my memory for a time when 2 tanks
 had similar names, but nothing comes to mind.'

[Aaleji sure is determined...]

As for the hint it carefully and look at all my quotes.  You might
notice something about 
each one...  I wont tell you what, just give it a looking over.

Until Next Time...


Jacinth figured out the hidden games.  Quite quickly, I might add.
Here's the mail about that.

Mailreader 17-17 (type 'help' for help) ? 16
From: Jacinth
Subject: Atari Games
Date:    Wed Oct 18 04:34:03 1995
To: yari

Ok.. I'm not quite sure how many of these are right, but I have 14 ones
that I'm positive about, and about 5 or 6 possibles.. of course some are
definitely wrong, I'd appreciate it if you could write back letting me
know if I'm close, whatnot.  Ok.. here goes.
1) Phoenix
2) Night Driver
3) Warlords
4) Joust
5) Combat
6) Centipede
7) Space Invaders
8) Defender
9) Vanguard
10) Adventure
11) Kaboom
12) Dodge 'em
13) Pitfall
14) Asteroids

Ok.. and the others I"m not sure about are stampede, space blast, jump,
crystal castle, and lucky break.. am I close or what?  Thanks.. this is so
much more
fun than playing this impossible game :)

Jacinth, hats off to you.  Crystal Castle, Stampede, and Space Blast
were the ones you were not sure of.  So, now, if only someone could figure
out how my hint book hints.
(That's a hint.  Go figure it out.)