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Library: Top 10 ways to be an egoistical asshole and a mean bastard


Author: Qurp
Date:Oct 8 1998

1: Kill newbies, lots of them. Being a police is a good way to get reasons for
pkill, newbies tend to speak finnish on channels etc.

2: Insult people, when they insult you back kill them.

3: When your enemy is in a highbie party just reloc in and kill him, if rest
of the party attacks you put them on your enemy list and kill them later.

4: Channel insulting: Insulting on channels has a better chance of working
than direct insult with tells.

5: If you happen to be a thief steal as much as possible from newbies.

6: Dont ever take anyone to live in your castle and never loan eq.

7: If you are a mage or psi the best way to make your enemy's friends angry at
him is to shelter your enemy and his friends to a big monster which will wipe
the entire party because they can't go out and regen, then tell them later
that it's all <insert enemy name here>'s fault.

8: Always act arrogantly, egoistically and don't make friends with newbies.

9: Never party with newbies or if you do get them killed by an 'accident'.

10: don't get mudmarried.

Well that's about it. Follow these and you're on your way into becoming a
total asshole (highbie) :).