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Library: Transgressions through Time and Mystery: Man or Astroman?


Author: Ironman
Date:Jun 30 1997

Man or Astroman? is a band, native to the fertile land of Bellingham,
Washington.  They're a surf music band,
Playing fast tempos at high time signatures, and are quite skilled musicians. 
This is a story detailing the adventures of Man or Astroman? through time and
space alike, on their zany tour of the universe.

The eternal wonders of space and time.  The far away dreams and mysteries of
other worlds, other life.  Other stars, other planets.  Since the beginning of
time, man has been faced with these mysteries, but someday, somewhere, man
will pierce the barrier.

Star Crunch, wielding his guitar like a spacetronic apparition, moved his hand
up and down the neck, plucking the strings with great ease.  The bass erupted,
being played by Doctor Delecto, while doing the two-step.  Coco the Electronic
Monkey Wizard, in charge of more bass and percussion, whaled away, while
Birdstuff silently tapped the hi-hat into existence.  They're space-suit
covered fingers and hands had no trouble playing any off their complicated
rythms.  All of a sudden, a light engulfed the area, and dissolved everything
inside of it.  Now began Man or Astroman?'s journey into the unknown regions
of space.
The band found themselves on board an unusual looking craft, zooming through
the stars like a bat out of hell, leaving in it's wake a long stream of bright
white light, like a comet.  There was something else, though.  Creatures,
spacemen who controlled the intersteller space vehicle.  They were large,
odd-looking creatures, with big oblong heads, and black almond shaped eyes. 
Now the band new that they weren't in the relatively safe confines of the 3B
Tavern, where they always seemed to play.

The aliens looked at the band curiously.  What they didn't know, was that Dr.
Delecto had his invisible vaportron with him, and blasted the beings into
infinity with a push of a button.

Unfortunately, nobody knew how to fly the ship, so when the swerved close to a
planet with rings around it, they leapt from the ship, into the infinity of
the unknown space.

So concludes the first installment of Transgressions through Time and Mystery:
 Man or Astroman?....
Join us next time for the next thrilling chapter of this chilling tale of a
good band, and the unknown reaches of the universe..............