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Author: Enkil
Date:Nov 2 1995

This is a short note on alchemist potions that you can buy from alchemist
guild shop.  Shop is located 4n,e,n from newbie portal.

When u buy a potion you are buying the work of a fellow player in the game. 
Potions are spells in liquid form. To find info on a potion type help spell
<potion name>.

Potions are made from 3 ingredients: Organs, Minerals, and Herbs.  Potion
strength depends on the quality of the organ and the mineral.  The better the
quality the stronger the potion.  
-? Sorry for that typo... Lets continue.

Alchemist learn these potions through a gruelling process.  We work really
hard, so you can do this to help us.  If you see an alchemist, and u cant skin
corpses, let us dissect them so we can use the organs.  This is the hardest
thing for us, finding corpses.  Please help us.

Most alchemist will give u potions for free when u party. So we can be
healers, abjurer mages, enchanters etc. since we get most spells in potions.

About potion strength, you can not see the strength of the potion when u buy. 
Although we take pride in our potions, I recommend you try out different
alchemist and stick with the one that gave u the best results.  

I will try to keep placing here any other relevant info.  If you have any
other questions feel free to ask.