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Library: Trees and the Nature of Forgiveness, an Allegorical Tale.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995

Once there was a cyclops who did a bad thing to a tree with whom he 
was acquainted.  He realized his error and sought the tree out in the 
forest.  He danced with the tree, he tried to joke with the tree, but 
to no avail.  The tree was still wounded, its bark scarred.  So, he 
sat and sang the tree lovely songs, soothed the tree, trying to heal 
the damage that he had so callously caused.  The tree, as trees are 
wont to do, stood by and... well...treed.  The cyclops became 
frustrated, all his efforts for naught.  He thought and thought, what 
can one do to mend a tree's scars?

The tree smelled smoke and quickly realized that the cyclops was lost 
in thought and smiled.  "Poor cyclops, all the thinking in the world 
cannot help you.  You must learn that what you do is not as simple as 
it may sometimes seem.  Your actions impact others in ways you do not

anticipate.  It is not easy to undo what is often so easily done...  
Trees are long-lived, even though at times through our innocence and 
beauty, we may not seem that way.  So, you may attempt to think of how 
to quickly mend this scar in my bark all you like, but there is no way 
to do that, only time can heal trees," she said.

The cyclops took a moment to digest this(cyclops take a moment to 
digest just about everything) and realized that the tree must be 
correct.  "Tree, I shall try not to slight you again.  I shall try not 
to act rashly in all aspects.You have shown me that which only the 
wisdom of greater years can teach me,and I will attempt to live by 
that which I have learned here.  I can only hope that, in your wisdom, 
you can learn to understand why I do the things I do, and trust in me 
that they are not without reason.  If it seems that I am doing 
something that is cruel, or unkind, please understand that I am not 
being intentionally unkind, and demand an explanation.  This is all I 
can offer, and I hope that it is enough."

With that, the cyclops stood up and gently grasped a branch, so as not 
to break the tender spring growth.  "Come along, I've a whole world to 
show you,if you'll let me...."