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Library: Unravelling the Grand Mystery.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995

The grand Mystery unravels...

  "I hate the desert," I grumbled under my breath.  I had been 
wandering for quite some time, perhaps as long as a full day, 
and was no closer to finding my way home.  Mirages await me in 
every direction, perhaps I am indeed losing my mind.  The heat, 
I reasoned, it is getting to be too much.  I took a break, 
sitting in the half shade that a particularly tall dune could 
afford, and must have fallen asleep.
  When I awoke, it was night.  Desert nights, so clear, they 
were almost worth the various hazards that one might find ine 
the arid wastes.  Luckily, I knew before I entered this cursed 
place that I may find myself lost, and had brought plenty of 
water, so survival was the least of my concerns.  I merely 
wished to get this new sword back to my home, where I could 
study it.  I tried to convince the old man to give it to me 
voluntarily, but in the end I had to use force.  I suppose I 
used a bit too much force, but, the ends justified the means, I 
  I noticed a set of tracks leading southward.  Quickly bending 
down, they were clearly recognizeable.  "Horseshoe," I said, to 
no one in 

** Horseshoe is a name, the character is important later.

particular.  Fresh tracks, from the look of them, headed south.  
I decided to follow them, since I really had no idea which way 
was out, perhaps the makers of these tracks do.  
  Know their way out, indeed!  The tracks led directly to the 
old well at the south rim of the sandy plains.  I followed the 
worn track south-easterly, headed back to home, so that I could 
store the sword in a safe place.  I rounded a bend, at the base 
of a hill, and found a group of adventurers, sitting round a 
  "Hail!" a familiar voice boomed.
  "Tulkas, hail!  Firebrand, Megapenthes, it has been too 
long!"  A 

** Tulkas, Firebrand, Megapenthes, all important,  characters 
mentioned by name.

Valar, the mysterious source of the hoofprints.  "What brings 
you to this valley?"  The Valar's companions were silent as 
always when he was around.
  "We searched for the mythical sword, but we saw that you had 
beaten us to our goal.  Did you have a nice nap?" he asked, a 
gleam in his eye.  "We did, however, find a rather mysterious 
old crone, in the cave at the bottom of the valley.  Strange 
things she said, and all the while playing with her crystals.  
I noticed that she kept coming back to a particular arrangement 
over and over, as she seemingly randomly laid them out, like 
so:"  Taking his sword, he drew a crude diagram in the sand.

      /  |     
     C   C     
     |   |     
**The chemical symbol for Cycloheptane.  Cycloheptane is a 
character in the game(not a coincidence) and is important.

  I studied the diagram, strange indeed!  "And throughout, she 
was speaking to you?"
  "Not to us, I suppose.  She seemed quite insane, muttering 
** Not speaking to Tulkas, then to whom?  To me, actually, but 
minor point.

and arcane sentences, ones that made no sense whatsoever!  I 
wrote a bit of it, so that I could study it later.  Perhaps you 
would like to see?"  He held a scrap of vellum out to me, which 
I snatched and quickly read.

    "Your friends, they are what matters in life.  Take 
  stock of them, in order of importance, and see truly where
  they point you, for they know your destiny.  Having seen
  them in this light, take one step back to ponder what they
  mean to you, this is the true path to enlightenment."

   A curious note, indeed.

**  A line by line breakdown of the meanings hidden within 
  Your friends, they are what matters in life.

    (Only the friends in this book matter to the riddle.  In 
fact, only people mentioned by NAME matter.)

  Take stock of them, in order of importance, and see truly 
where they point you, for they know your destiny.

    (List them, Horseshoe, Tulkas, Firebrand, Megapenthes, and 
Cycloheptane.  Study the list, see truly where they point you 
(all characters point someplace... hmm, where?  Starting 
location! = castles)  Order of importance... just to get you 
thinking abotu what order they ought to go in... personally, I 
would try the order they were listed first...  For they know 
your destiny...they are the key (a rehash of the first line))

  Having seen them in this light, take one step back to ponder 
what they mean to you, this is the true path to enlightenment.

    (Once you figure out to find their castles, and analyzed 
what you found...   At some point, I assume you will pay 
attention to the coordinates, it would be a simple number code 
for letters...  You find coordinates are 3,6 20,21 4,16 10,15 
10,20.  In the simplest case, you simply match up letters to 
numbers, and get cf/tu/dp/jo/jt, which is nonsense.  Take one 
step back (either subtract one from every number in the list of 
coords, or shift one letter back when you align them...) you 
swill see that the letters are now be/st/co/in/is... 
bestcoinis... best coin is... So, clearly, the answer is 

That's it.  I hope that those that worked so hard are not put 
off by the simplicity of the actual answer.  It was my 
intention to make something that you didnt need to be a super 
old timer to do, but it would help if you knew the game a 
little.  Some of you might argue that "That was god damn 
IMPOSSIBLE!" to which I have a couple statements:  1)  I didn't 
intend for it to be easy, the reward was 200K gold and 5 TP at 
one point, big reward should not be too easy to get.  2) it was 
NOT impossible, there were a couple people who knew right away.  
Cycloheptane's castle is at a warp gate... and if you go there, 
you will see something that is a major clue...

Now, the hint book...

   "Argh!" Rez whined, "It's impossible!"
   I chuckled.  "Impossible, you say?  I think not.  In fact, I had 
rather thought that I gave too many hints!"  It was weeks later and 
not a soul had even really gotten close to the end of the maze.
   "Too many possibilities, too many rooms!  How on earth did you 
expect me to find my way?"  Rez was clearly upset, he had tried his 
   I pondered.  "Well, I solved it.  Then again, I designed it too, 
so I suppose I am no kind of example."  I stopped and thought a 
moment, taking the opportunity to check the position of the sun.  
Night time soon, I would need a source of light soon.  Rez, no doubt 
would be pleased to see me fumble around in the dark at this point, 
after having made him fumble so much.  Damn trolls and their night 
vision anyway.
   I continued.  "So, you are asking for something, or just blindly 
   "No, no, not asking anything!  I do not wish to be disqualified!"  
Rez looked about, panic in his eyes.
   I held up a hand to stop him.  "Rez, Rez.  Relax, old man.  It's 
past the two week limit, my little competition is over.  I am now 
going to tell you a bit about how to navigate my maze, so that you 
might be able to solve it a bit more easily."  I sat down, resigned 
to my fate of ending up in darkness, night was coming too swiftly to 
avoid it.  "You see, you have to realize that the maze is not, in 
fact, many levels, like it seems, but actually a series of small 
mazes, each of which is totally independent from the other, but when 
taken together, will point you to the prize.

** A clue to show you that the mazes are separate entities, and that 
when all taken together, will make something bigger...

   "You see, You navigate small sections, and when at the end of 
those sections, you activate a teleportation mechanism(it's 
different each time) and begin the next section."
   Rez interrupted.  "So that would explain why I could never 
backtrack, since it was separate sections!"  His eyes narrowed in 
   "Yeah, that would explain it, huh?" I snickered, pleased with the 
deviousness of my maze.  "So, once you complete the sections of 
maze(there are 4) and teleport out of the last one, you have a 
random chance to teleport back to the first one."
   Again, Rez interrupted.  "YES!  I was RIGHT!  It DOES repeat!  
Ha!  I knew I wasn't crazy, but when I tracked it with coins, they 
were gone!  Murrr, I should have known."
   "Ahh, so you did get to all four sections of the maze?  OK, well, 
the coin thing, I made it so the rooms ate stuff in them, because I 
didn't want people to drop coins and track progress.  If you are so 
good, tell me, how do you navigate the mazes?"

** Snicker... coins, I kill me sometimes.  You'll see why.

   Rez quickly turned and started going through his things.  After a 
moment of rummaging, he brought out an antique bone map case(A gift 
from Anaconda, it had magical powers that Rez hadn't guessed yet.) 
and brought out a beat-up piece of leather, on which were four small 
notes.  He handed it to me.
   Heh, Troll handwriting.  I may not be the brightest Cyclops ever 
to walk the world, but, at least I wasn't so damn dirty as a Troll, 
at least.  It was getting VERY dark now, and I had to squint to see 
clearly(I could see Rez obviously enjoying this out of the corner of 
my eye(Cyclopses have superb peripheral vision) and decided I would 
play it up a little, to make him happy)  I squinted, I strained, I 
turned the paper this way and that.  Rez was beside himself holding 
the laughter in.  "Bah.  It's too dark!  Read this to me please."
   "With pleasure..."  Rez took the grubby leather and read aloud.  
"First section was simple.  from entry, go south, south, south, 
northeast, southeast, north, north, north.  There you activate the 
teleporter by 'wiggle torch'. 
**  Make a map...
   I smiled and nodded, that much was true.
   "Second, you proceed north, north, northeast, southeast, south, 
south, northwest.  There you 'activate machine'."  I nodded again.
**  Again.
   Rez gave his impish grin.  "Next!  Northwest, northeast, 
northwest, west, south, south, south.  Here, you simply 'rest', and 
get teleported automatically.
**  And Again.
   "After that, it's north, north, north, east, southeast, 
southwest.  Then you 'pull lever', and are back at the beginning of 
maze #1."  Rez finished and looked over at me.
**  And yet again.  This is what you find when you lay them side by 
            _    _
 |  |  /  |   |  
 |  | |  | | /  | /
 |/| | | |   | 
 Which clearly spells out warp.  As confirmation, I put the first letter 
of each activator command to correspond to the letter made by the maze.

   "Well, you did navigate the mazes correctly, yes, but you are 
incorrect in saying that you always go back to the beginning, as I 
said, it's a random chance.  As for what's past that maze, you must 
look a little deeper, beyond what I have said so far.

** As for what's past that maze (ie, what comes after "warp") you must 
look a little deeper, beyond what I have said here (that is... look 
closely for coordinates from this point on.).

   "It is a poor chance that you will proceed past the maze.  The 
last time I did it, I decided to take an average, and found that 
after I navigate the maze, it takes me ten or twenty times to 

*  ten or twenty.  how hard is that?  (Cycloheptane)

succeed.  The second time I tried it was the worst!  That time, I 
had to do it twenty or twenty-one times, I didn't count too clearly.  

** twenty or twenty-one...  This has 2 reasons.  One, it is a set of 
coords that you need.  Two, it is Tulkas' castle, included here because 
Tulkas had many plots, and this will show you which is the correct one.

You can bet I wish I had brought some good luck charms with me on 
that trip!"
   Rez grinned.  "I can just see it.  'Yari exclaims 'Horseshoe, 

**Horseshoe.  Again.  Major clue that it is not random.  Also, in both 
books it is capitalized.

rabbit's foot, clover!  Help help help!'"  In the gloom, I could 
barely make out Rez doing a parody of me running around in little 
circles.  Murr, I would have to get him back for this one...
   "Well, Rez.  It would seem that you now have all the information 
you need to continue this little puzzle I set upon you.  It's 
actually very simple, if you remember to look at the big picture.  

**  A reference to the "maps"...  And a hint to keep people from reading 
too far into things... It's actually very simple.

Go ahead and work on it some more, you are a clever Troll, I have 
faith in you."
   With that, I could hear Rez standing, stuffing his things back 
into his pack.  "OK, Yari, I will talk to you later.  Thanks for the 
hint, I will try to figure more out, when I look at your original 
puzzle.  See you!"  I heard him tread away, down the path.
  I waited a moment, the timing was important.  "Rez, Rez!  Wait up, 
I can't see!  I called after him.  I heard his footsteps stop.
  A pause...then, through the darkness "You are a clever Cyclops, I 
have faith in you, find your own way home!"  And, with that, I heard 
him turn and walk away, chuckling his deep Trollish laughter.

That's it.  Thats the hint.  Now, comes the fun part.  This is where I 
post the mails I received about things.  Credit where credit is due, I 
dont think it was mailed, but Darkblood was the first to figure out that 
it was castle-based, he noticed Cycloheptane's castle.  So, congrats to 
DB, he's the man.  Aaleji, he is the man for getting so close.  And to 
all the rest of you who tried, thanks for playing, and maybe some day I 
will cook up another one.

From: Krellen
Subject: Yer book
Date:    Tue Jul 18 02:35:19 1995
To: yari

Just a stab in the dark, after some thought.
"Good friends are like a good sword"
....if you care for the sword it serves you well.
You watch over your friends, they watch over you too.
Listen to your friends' advice, as you would follow a sword's swing
...came from what the crone said, the fact that you'd just gotten a
good sword in the story, and that the crone's crystal lay out was
like the tip of a sword kinda.
Any luck?

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From: Aaleji
Subject: Riddle me this...
Date:    Thu Jul 20 17:24:10 1995
To: yari
Cc: aaleji

Hmmm.  Riddles aren't really my schtick, but I'm always willing to
take a stab.

The first clue to solving the riddle is to realize that the crone
is _not_ speaking to Tulkas and company; rather she is thinking
aloud.  As she has no friends apart from the crystals, we must
assume that they are the friends she speaks of.

The trick is to figure out which crystal is important.  Being that
that the riddle seems to want to point us in a direction, I decided
that the most important crystal is the one that is missing, ie, the
northwest crystal (presuming the 'center' is the start point, a safe
assumption given that one is always the center of one's own circle
of friends).

That's the easy part, though.  The trick is to figure out what the
crone means by "take a step back."  If I had to interpret this,
it would be to take the path opposite that suggested by your friends.
In this case, southeast.

Therefore, the path to enlightenment is southeast.
(I've been southeast, that's how I know.)

Take care,

(Who deserves a million gold for the bs he's just spewed)

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From: Aaleji
Subject: Riddle 2
Date:    Fri Jul 21 03:46:28 1995
To: yari

Well, you are your own best friend, or were in the days when you could solo
the Mythiko quest.  If you took stock of yourself (inventory) you'd probably
realize you were missing the mythical sword.  Taking a step back, you'd note
that good old Tulkas had a gleam in his eye when he asked you about your nap.
Can you trust him?  Nah, kick his butt and take the sword back.  ;)

//Aaleji, try 2.  Failure 2.  Damn crystals.  They make the damn thing hard.
Of course, "your friends are what matter in life."  Maybe only the friends in
the tale have spit to do with the riddle.

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From: Rez
Subject: Your accursed riddle
Date:    Sat Jul 22 20:30:34 1995
To: yari

Well I dont know the answer.  I won't get it im sure, but here are my thoughts
thus far (gotta keep you amused i guess).

When he wakes in the desert, i think he is dreaming (dreams :P) he sees only 1
set of tracks, although a band passed him.  Also, why did his old friends not
wake him? Also the scenery isnt matching, a desert agoddamit zella is
attacking me.

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From: Ithy
Subject: puzzle
Date:    Thu Jul 27 03:19:14 1995
To: yari

Here is my answer to your riddle: The Stars will guide you to your destiny.


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From: Tit
Subject: Task Riddle
Date:    Thu Jul 27 05:24:47 1995
To: yari
Cc: tit

Well, here's my interpretation of the riddle.  The drawing is of a castle. the
three 'friends' found by the narrator represent players at various stages of
development.  2 players, 1 wiz.  Symbolizing that players start week, gain
strength, and eventually (with luck and work) become immortal.  After all
eventually that's everyones goal :)

Mailreader 15-16 (type 'help' for help) ? 16
From: Tit
Subject: Riddle
Date:    Thu Jul 27 14:56:08 1995
To: yari
Cc: tit

I think i got it this time.  The drawing is of a headstone.  They (the 
'friends') either poisoned him, or plan to kill him some other way to get the
sword from him.  They seemed subtley hostile to him.  'did you have a nice
nap? he asked a gleam in his eye.' definitely  subdued hostility.  He has to
find this out soon... or die.

From: Grizzly
Subject: puzzle soln
Date:    Mon Jul 31 15:03:28 1995
To: yari
Cc: l

1sthint:  the four parts to the maze are the 4 base pairs of the genetic
material DNA.
2nd:  the directions given form a winding helix if placed one on top of the
3rd the instructions to activate the teleporters represent what is necessary
to sequence a DNA sample... wiggle in flame is representatie of that that is
required to purify and prepare a DNA sample... then activate machine... that
is a DNA qutomatic sequencer... then wait.... while the DNA is sequenced
finally, a hint is given in the 20 times that it took you to sequence a DNA
smaple... (or a gene) this is because a gene can be sequnced only a few
hundred bp's at a time... so to sequence an entire gene takes 20 or more

finally, the answer to the entire puzzle is the genetic code... they are the
friends that reveal you future... for what you are and will be is encoded in
your genes...

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From: Braik
Subject: Mystery.
Date:    Mon Jul 31 21:45:50 1995
To: yari

The directions corresposnd to the letters W A R P.

Mailreader 16-19 (type 'help' for help) ? 
From: Hablo
Subject: Riddle
Date:    Mon Jul 31 22:39:36 1995
To: yari

Here's my almost-like-a-solution to your puzzle(s):
First, the mazeThis is the only thing i'm sure of..The mazes form word "warp"
like the actions at the end of the each part. "W"iggle torch, "a"ctivate
machine, "r"est, "p"ull lever. Sorry that i cant draw it to here, because i'm
not too good with this editor..
Ok, that's the maze.. i'm not actually sure what it means but i guess it
meanns something... and is related to the diagram in the first puzzle
Now.. the hard part... i can't present you a good organized solution because i
don't have any...(yet)
In the hint story Rez and you weren't too good friends and in the riddle it
said that the friends are what matter in life. And ideed they did. Rez left
you without light in the darkness

sorry.. this thing has some bug i guess.. hmm, i'd better stop or i get really
I'll try to post you more stuff about this if i can and find something else
Hablo the humble wanna-be-puzzle-solver

Mailreader 17-19 (type 'help' for help) ?
From: Hablo
Subject: Puzzle cont
Date:    Mon Jul 31 22:52:50 1995
To: yari

Now, I got some advice about this editor, i'll try again. Heh, some long shots
here... Rez wasn't good friend, if he would have had a rabbit's foot or
horseshoe, he would have been better friend.. Good luck charm=good friend. And
friends are you'r enlightment, Rez was your eyes.. . Th~! auch.. still bugging
wellthat~rs all i got to say for now
Strange editor...

Mailreader 18-19 (type 'help' for help) ? 
From: Hablo
Subject: Solution?
Date:    Tue Aug  1 00:44:37 1995
To: yari

Hmm.. i wonder if i got it this time. Circle. That's my answer for the riddle
in the first story. And here's how i came to that decision. Hope i don't screw
up with this edtor.  Ok. The riddlesays first that friends matter in life and
at the end it says that they lead to the true path of ellightment. In other
words they show what matter's in life and that's  friends... right? Oh God,
now i cant believe this my self... . Well, the diagram, it was a cirle too,
and it had as many crystals as the riddle had statements, what do you call
them ?? , those small sentences... not a whole sentence but one wi tch ends
with comma...
Ok, that's my solution, i wont be bothering you anymore after this (yeah
Hablo the humble hobbit who almost thought that he had solved the riddle

From: Suntzu
Subject: answer
Date:    Sat Jul 29 03:38:54 1995
To: yari

Ok, I think that the crytals symbolize your friends, so that you start
at any point, then if you keep stepping back and pondering
you wil eventually end up where you started. I guess to me it seems
that this says that all your friends are important.
The way i saw this is the pattern by which the C's were laid out. This is
prob~n probably way off, but what the heck :)

Mailreader 9-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 10
From: Rakki
Subject: puzzle
Date:    Sat Jul 29 19:38:29 1995
To: yari

Have you got a lot of answers to your puzzle? Hope so, nice to have these
kinda things, make change to all hack'n'slay... hope you do them in future
too... 8)     - Well, kinda hard puzzle, but I'll give a try. Figured that if
you step  one step back you complete a circle with you friends, that way your
friends could form a ccirlce of life with you. Hmh... don't know if I was at
all on the right dir... Well, that way I guess your friends could point you
your destiny... Well, hope someone cracks the puzzle if this is not the
answer.  Rakki

Mailreader 10-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 11
From: Tlob
Subject: riddle
Date:    Sun Jul 30 03:08:49 1995
To: yari

Okay, just a pretty wild guess at the riddle, but trying can't hurt.. :)

 The answer I got would be 'staying where you are' or 'where you started' or
something like that.. the way i got it was to first assume that the crystals
meant the points of the compass..  then, assigning the letters of the word
friends to them, i got

   /  |
  I   E
  |   | (Aagh somebody just ran clones!)

  Then I took the directions in the alphabetical order of the letters:


  Going one step back, ie. nw, you turn up exactly where you left. Tadah! :)

 -Tlob the Newbie

Mailreader 11-24 (type 'help' for help) ? Axl {royalty+}: bah thats fucked
From: Melemkor
Subject: Puzzle
Date:    Mon Jul 31 01:39:47 1995
To: yari


I have been looking at your mystery... it's a fascinating puzzle =)

However, I suspect my lack of exploration is leaving me at a   disadvantage...
Still, I believe that I recognized one of your clues for the maze spells out
warp.  I don't know if this is sufficient to qualify for one of your prizes,
but I thought I would give it a try :)

Melemkor Thanks for the challenge.

Mailreader 12-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 13
From: Braik
Subject: Mystery clues
Date:    Tue Aug  1 02:01:27 1995
To: yari

Hm, I've thought more about those letters.  It would seem that the 4 mazes
actually are 4 letters,  W, A, R, and P.  But you said that they might not be
in the right order...but the only other word they spell is WRAP.  You then
mention that 'you took an average'.  I was thinking about this...If you say
WRAP about 10-20 times in a row really quick, you prolly get a word that you
didn't mean to say...however, I cant figure out what the word is...  Its
possible that it's 'perhaps' but I dunno.  Hm, just said it again, and now it
sounds like 'power'.   More later as I figure out this mystery.  And I assure
you, I  _will_ solve it >:)

Mailreader 13-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 14
From: Rez
Subject: Your hint book
Date:    Tue Aug  1 06:58:41 1995
To: yari

Heh, your hintbook gave me a good laugh, ya meanie *murr* ill work on it

At least i have am excuse to be dirty, whats yours? :P

-Rez >Da Lt.<

Mailreader 14-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 15
From: Webworm
Subject: Puzzle
Date:    Tue Aug  1 08:15:28 1995
To: yari
Cc: webworm

Thanks for your intriguing puzzle, mate.  I have gone down a number of q e

c ww

Cripes almost got killed by a zhent - event started when I was in mail room.
With my current link I cannot see what is scrolling while I am typing a line..
 Thank god for word of recall :)

Anyhow, I was saying that I had gone down a number of "paths" but haven't
found the "true path to enlightenment" :-). This is what I have figured out
from both your books:

(1) The 'mazes' spelling "W A R P" was most obvious (unlike the rest of the
clues :), not only from the directions that Rez said, but also from the first
letter of wiggle, activate, rest and pull.  Cute.

(2) That confirmed that the context of the puzzle was in the player valley,
which I had suspected from just the first 'book'.

(3) The question of what the C's are still puzzles me - they could stand for
crystal, castle or be a horseshoe hoofprint.  Either way, they must be a map,
the question is what scale you are using :).  The hint in the second book
implies they are warp gates - the "10 or 20 times" being the distance between
gates, depending on whether it is a n-s movement or a nw-se movement :)

However I dont think the C's are warp gates, I think they are castles. I think
"Horseshoe" might be a hint to start at Horseshoe's castle, which is at 3,6...
3 n and 3 e of your own castle.  But I'm buggered (Aussie slang) if I can make
anything of this... except the number 3 being lucky is maybe a confirming
hint. :) Maybe I have read too much into it and cannot see the "big picture"

(4) I cannot really get any leads from the stuff about "friends" in the old
crones rantings... I fingered Firebrand and Megapenthes and from their levels
I warped to 24 27 and 27 24 on the offchance that would give me a clue :)  Ok,
laugh now :) Maybe I have to find their castles or something, but I cannot see
why, or where that would point me...

(5) I though the map of the C's might have been .. C's = seas (just occured to
me) ... might have been an arrow ("see where they point you" bit), pointing
northeast, but maybe I am wrong again :)

Anyhow, cya later - I hope I am partly on the right track *grin*

Regards, Webworm

Mailreader 17-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 18
From: Aaleji
Subject: Ungawa!
Date:    Tue Aug  1 21:42:59 1995
To: yari

  If you plot the directions given, it spells W-A-R-P.
    Not coincidentally, those are also the first letters of
    the action needed to "move on" to the next maze.
  It takes 10 or 20 times to solve this silly thing, 20 or
    21 times if it is the second time.  These are coordinates
    to warp to.
  If one WARPS to 10,20 one arrives at Cycloheptane's castle.
    Not coincidentally, the sketch of heptane looks like this:

         /  |
        C   C
        |   |

  Cycloheptane.  Sigh.  That's also the description of his castle
    plot.  Urg.  Ouch.  Oof.  Is this the solution?  Is it
    my destiny to become cycloheptane?  I'm confused.

  Going back to the original book, I still have trouble figuring
    things out.  There are a couple of hints that the player
    valley is where you want to be.  First, you're going home.
    And "valley" is mentioned a few times.  Pretty vague, but
    I'll accept this.

  You're going south and you see tracks.  You say "Horseshoe."
    This is relevant, it has to be.  It happens again in the
    hint book.  It's not though.  You're just being mean.

  Next, you find a well and turn southeast.  Hmmm, does Well own a
    lot?  Hmm, is there a desert in the player valley?

  Urgh, he doesn't own a lot within the 20/20 field of castles.
    I won't spend the time looking at the other 1200 lots ;)

  Anyway, if you take stock of the friends in the story, Tulkas
    is the highest level, followed by Megapenthes and then
    Firebrand.  Their castles are at (1,4), (10,15) and (4,16)
    respectively.  Adding those you get (15,35).  Take one step
    back (i.e., minus Firebrand) and you're at (11,19).  You'd
    have to go southeast from there to solve the riddle.  Well,
    you did say you were going SE when you found the lot of them.
    Cycloheptane.  Oi!


Mailreader 18-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 19
From: Rez
Subject: W A R P
Date:    Tue Aug  1 23:23:49 1995
To: yari

I thought as much, heh.  You write good stories


Mailreader 19-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 20
From: Hablo
Subject: About my solution
Date:    Wed Aug  2 00:30:59 1995
To: yari

Some support to my solution, the circle. Well, it might be far off but now i
see circles everywhere in the hints :). Or actually at the moment, just
couple. These:
These are from the hint book. "It's actually pretty simple, if you remember to
look at the big picture." and the part Rez was running in little
... but you said the hints might be obscure....
Ok, more is coming, if I find something new.... Hope I'm right.. (yeah sure i
am..) well gotta try..
Hablo the Hobbit who hates it beacause he can't praise Yari's competition at
the news
P.S. Hope you make more of these puzzles someday

Mailreader 21-24 (type 'help' for help) ? 22
From: Melemkor
Subject: Puzzle
Date:    Thu Aug  3 18:32:20 1995
To: Yari

Well, I have been thinking about your puzzle some more :).  I think I may have
realized the answer.  If not, I at least think it is a good answer.

As I put in my earlier note, I noticed the fact that the rooms spell out warp.
 Now the only warp I know of is in the player valley, where you can warp to
any location in the valley (i.e. any castle). Also, the reference to good luck
charms of a Horseshoe, Rabbit's foot, and Clover seems to be a reference to
your friends as sources of good luck (Horseshoe->Valar, Foot->Wolfman,
Clover->Devil (all rough representations of their footprints)).

With this in mind, I propose my solution to your riddle: take a look at your
friends, see where they point you, step back, and see what they mean to you...
I believe that your friends point you along your path of life, and that your
friends are your family, they provide you with a home.

Well, thats my opinion.  I would like it to be the answer as well, because I
think it is a  worthy message. Thank you for the challenge :)


From: Shadowjack
Subject: mystery
Date:    Wed Aug  9 21:48:09 1995
To: yari

Well, it spells out "WARP" whatever that's worth.

Mailreader 11-15 (type 'help' for help) ? 12
From: Shadowjack
Subject: warp
Date:    Thu Aug 10 16:12:23 1995
To: yari

Oh, of course, warp is spelled out by both the maze directions and the
teleporter activators.

Mailreader 12-15 (type 'help' for help) ? 13
1From: Slick
Subject: Riddle Books... :)
Date:    Fri Aug 11 10:33:11 1995
To: yari
Cc: slick

        I have read both of your books, 'A Grand Mystery, First of the

Puzzles' and the additional hint book ( the name escapes me right now )

and found them challenging.

        In the Hint Book, the map spells directions spell out the word

'WARP'.  I also noticed that the very first letter in each of the actions

to activate the transportation spelled out 'WARP'.  Sadly, I cannot find

the relevance of this to the book, 'A Grand Mystery, First of the Puzzles'.

        I did also notice Rez's referance ( Sp? ) to a Horseshoe which is

also in the book, 'A Grand Mystery, First of the Puzzles'.  Rez refers to

the horseshoe as luck and you were lucky to find the horseshoe print in the

sand. ( I say this because Rez's action of running around in circles is

saying that you were lost in the first book ).

        Well... I'm probubly way off on these... But it's worth a shot

anyway... :)


Mailreader 13-15 (type 'help' for help) ? 14
1From: Aaleji
Subject: One last try (goofy)
Date:    Tue Aug 15 16:22:46 1995
To: yari
Cc: aaleji

Okay, here we go, take 72831 of Aal's patented solution gathering:

(Fuzzy Logic Mode Engaged)

There are four parts to the mystery (book 2).
All of the parts are found in the player valley (speculation).
Tulkas is involved; his castle is at 1,4 (book 1).
Cycloheptane is involved; his plot is at 10,20 (book 1).
  This is derived from the crystal pattern.
Horseshoe is involved; castle plot at 3,6 (book 1)
  "'Horseshoe,' I said..."
Firebrand and Megapenthes are not involved (book 1).
  "The Valar's companions were silent..."
This leaves several possibilities for the final part of the mystery:

Rath may be involved (0,3).  The description of his plot seems
  congruous with the desert described early on in book 1.

Gatoon may be the missing link.  His plot is at (20,30) and
  really meshes with the information provided in book 2.
  The plot's description is "This is the End of the End.
  The Beginning of the End.  The End of the Beginning."
  And there is a warp gate here, giving us that random chance
  of teleporting back to "The Beginning."
  Unfortunately, this lot is not indicated by anything in
  book 1.  That is, unless you plot a parabolic curve on a
  Cartesian plane.  It is possible to intersect all of the
  aforementioned points.  Hmmmmm.  Doing a little high level
  math, we discover that the east coordinate for a plot may be
  obtained with this equation:

     Let x1 = 1 (north coordinate of Tulkas' lot)
     Let y1 = 4 (east coordinate of Tulkas' lot)
     y2 = 2(x2-x1) + y1  (where x2 is the north coordinate of
                          the second lot)

  This is patently absurd; I will kill you if this turns out
  to be the solution.  I don't know how, but I will.

I'm at a loss, man.  Post the answer.

Mailreader 14-15 (type 'help' for help) ?
From: Aaleji
Subject: Er, typo
Date:    Tue Aug 15 16:51:31 1995
To: yari

That formula is actually:

   y2 = 2(x2-(x1+1)) + y1

That's it for official mails.  There were many tells that went back and 
forth, when I would ask for progress updates, but unfortunately, those 
are lost.  Thanks again for playing my game, I am somewhat disappointed 
that I was unable to create a solveable puzzle, but then, I only allowed 
2 weeks to do each book, really.  With more time... Who knows?