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Library: Vampire Winter


Author: Snowwind
Date:Nov 2 1995

          ...Did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?                  


  At the very first, I feared the dark.  It was utter, lightless, airless
black, the dark of the grave, and I was in terror that I had been buried
   My power of movement had not yet returned.  I could only lie there in the
midnight heart of the earth, alone with the pulse of my heart. I would have
shed tears, but that I was unable.  Nor can I to this day.
   Gradually I became conscious of the earth's slow rotation.  Above me,
beyond the cold earth pressing down upon my coffin, beyond the warm blue of
the sky, shone the sun. My flesh tingled with the awareness, and I -knew-,
beyond all mortal certainty, that I could never again endure its touch. Yet
even at that moment the earth was turning, and soon would come the night, the
safety of the dark.  I must wait.
   By this time I understood that I had passed through death and beyond, to
what state I did not yet know. Nor how long it had been, whether merely hours
or days.  Did  Cindiana stand at that moment above me, at my graveside, veiled
in widow's black? Did she weep the tears that I could not?
   -Cindiana!-  The sharp pain of my longing for her made me cry out aloud,
but the sound was absorbed by the earth.                                      
   It had been a quarrel between us that had sent me out on that fatal night.
I agonized there in the darkness - why could I not have allowed her to win
that final game of chess?   Did mere victory mean so much to me?  But I had
not, and she had swept the pieces from the board and swore that she could not
learn the game, would never attempt it again.
   I left the house to walk away my anger.  There was the soft, warm touch of
a summer mist on my face, dissapating my ill humor.  I had already turned back
towards home when the attack came, and I was siezed with a strength beyond my
power to break free. Chill breath made me shudder as fangs found my throat and
bit down, bringing blood.
   My life was ebbing away with each heartbeat, and as my terror mounted, so
did my killer's pleasure. I could feel it, more acutely than the pain, his
ecstasy growing as he drained my life away.
   And now, stirring within me, was something new: a void, a need.   As my
strength returned, I recognized it as hunger.  With each pulse of my heart in
the close confines of the coffin, the compulsion within me grew. I reached up
and shattered the lid.  With my bare hands, I clawed my way through the earth
of my grave up tino the welcoming night.  By the time I reached the open, the
hunger was a frenzied, raging mania. My reason could not question what I was
doing, what I was.  It was instinct that led me as I caught the scent of human
blood, tracked it, seized it, as my fangs tore into the flesh.
   Now I knew the bloodlust I had felt in my killer as he drained my life.  I
sought the ecstasy again that night, and again.  Yet, all too soon, the night
had to end.  The earth's ceaseless rotation was bringing the dawn.  At last,
sated, I broke free of the frenzy, only barely ahead of the sun.  Its light
was already brightening the eastern horizon by the time I found shelter for
the day.
   From that time, I became a creature of the dark, of the night.  never again
did I walk the earth during the day.
   Until Nightfall.